Why having co-dependent relationships will mess with your success as a female business owner

A female healer with a pink blaser crossing her arms. due to her co-dependent relationships and etheric cords she barely had time to focus on her Reiki healing business

“Etheric Cords are energetic connections with other people, keeping you stuck in painful, toxic relationship patterns.”

Deena Douglas

If you are a female business owner who has been struggling with one or more of your relationships, this blog is for you.

When working with female business owners, I teach them a complete framework on how to find and release energy leaks that are affecting their business in terms of impact, profit, and success.

Finding etheric cords (energy cords between them and other people is just one area to focus on. But it’ll be the topic for today’s longer blog post. Save it for later in case it’s too long to go through it now. 🙂

So what are the etheric cords exactly, and how do they affect you and your business as a female business owner?

We create etheric cords when we make ourselves dependent on other people. Be it emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, or even spiritually. Or when we allow others to become dependent on us. This can happen in every type of relationship. Be it romantic ones, within our friendships, our parents, our spiritual teachers, and therapists. And as a female business owner also our clients or customers

When we worry too much about someone, or when we are too needy or dependent on someone’s help, we build energetic links. The same happens when we allowed others to become too dependent on our help. Then maybe it’s time to admit that being needed gives us some form of an “ego boost”.

We do this when we put ourselves below someone in a relationship. Or when our confidence depends on how that person reacts to us. Or how they treat us, and what they say or do. Cords also grow quickly when a person is very possessive and controlling. Unaware of what they are doing, they build cords as a way to exercise control. 

In a nutshell, etheric cords will be present whenever a relationship isn’t “healthy”, balanced or equal.

Depending on where these cords are located can tell a lot about the different dynamics.

Etheric cords at the root chakra affecting you as a female business owner

The root chakra is at the base of our spine. When it’s healthy and balanced, makes us feel safe, and grounded. Like our basic needs are met, such as having shelter, enough money, and food.

When people are linked via the root chakra, this is a sign that there might be a financial dependence. The one who feels dependent will feel very vulnerable. They know that should things go wrong, they wouldn’t know how to survive or make ends meet. When the partner who earns the money abuses this, it can quickly turn into a very toxic situation. 

Being linked here can also mean that this person is the only one who can make you feel “safe”. This can very quickly get into a toxic “victim and rescuer” type of dynamic.

How this affects a female business owner: 

If you are having a cord with someone it will lower your vibration. Thus affecting your ability to co-create a sustainable, impactful, and profitable business.

I have worked with a female business owner who had energetic cords at the root chakra with one of her clients. She barely had any clients and subconsciously projected her desperation of keeping that client via this energy cord. Unaware of the energetics, she was manipulating her client to stay with her in order to be able to pay all her bills.

I am not saying that every single struggling female business owner builds etheric cords with their clients. But it can happen and it’s not as rare as people might think. The downside to this is that these women will over-sacrifice their emotional well-being by having no boundaries. They will allow their clients to walk all over them, or contact them around the clock. All out of fear that if they don’t, they will lose the client.

Etheric cords at the naval chakra

The naval chakra is the seat of our emotions, our creativity, and our sexual energy. When it’s balanced, we find it easy to be intimate. We enjoy our sexuality, have an infinite amount of creativity, and are in touch with our emotions.

When I see a cord between people there, it shows that there is a sexual dependence. Or that one partner might have an unhealthy need for sex that could show up as sex addiction. 

It could also be a sign that a woman is suffering from sexual trauma because of abuse in this life or former lives. As a result, she might not be able to be intimate with her partner. Some women still try their best to please their partner, but later feel empty, used, or hurt.

Cords and emotional tyrants

Another way a cord can show up here is when someone is what I call an “emotional tyrant”. Someone who hasn’t learned how to control their emotions and therefore has emotional outbursts and tantrums frequently. When someone has an explosive nature, they might frighten their partner, especially when it gets physical on top. As soon as this turns into emotional manipulation or even violent, it’s a sure sign there is a toxic cord.

For a female business owner, this is especially tragic, as turbulent relationships will cost them a lot of energy. The energy which they need to run their business. 

In case they work as a healer, therapist, or coach, they could sign on clients who project their unresolved emotions onto them. I have worked with a lot of “wounded healers” who will attract the same kind of clients. Clients who themselves are in toxic and abusive relationships and need their help to work through it.

Etheric cords at the solar plexus

The solar plexus chakra is located just below the breastbone and is the center for self-confidence and willpower. It’s also our power center.

If someone undermines us, our expertise, our gifts, and our talents or puts us down to the extent that our self-confidence suffers from it, it’s a sure sign there is a toxic cord. It can happen at work, in a romantic relationship, in our family, or with friends.

Some people feel better when they can put themselves and their accomplishments above others while putting the other person down. People who get classified as “narcissistic”, will always link themselves with a cord to their “victim’s” solar plexus. They do this to exercise total control over a person until the person’s free will and personal power are eradicated.

If you feel you are in a relationship with a narcissist, please know that there are always two people in this scenario. The narcissist and the victim who stays in that scenario. There is nothing more empowering than ending such a relationship. Many women wait and hope their partners can improve or stop being such tyrants, but that’s rarely the case. Even with a significant amount of therapy, someone who is a classic narcissist will not become an empathic person. You deserve better. 

Children of narcissistic parents

Many children grow up with a narcissist as a parent. The sad thing about this is that they often then recreate these patterns by attracting a partner who has that same energy.

When someone feels threatened by your confidence and keeps criticising everything you do, thus undermining you and you allowing them to break you, it’s a sure sign there is a cord. The same holds true If you stop living the way you used to, and become someone else’s “project”.

A human being with a narcissistic personality disorder will exercise control in all areas and might also link themselves to all other chakras. 

For a female business owner, this can cost deeply. As above, this type of relationship costs a lot of energy and time to navigate. When unhealed, one attracts the same energy also as business partners or clients and customers; people putting you down at all costs.

Etheric cords at the heart chakra affecting you as a female business owner

The heart chakra is in the middle of our chest and, when open and balanced, is the seat of compassion, self-love, and empathy.

Linking to someone at the heart chakra level is a sure sign someone is too needy of you, your time, your love and energy, or vice versa, you are too needy. This can happen in romantic relationships but also within families, friendships, and in all business scenarios.

A sure sign there is a cord is when someone puts themself last, and constantly sacrifices themselves to make others happy. Then they burn out or leash out on you when they feel you are not reciprocating the same. As soon as you feel guilty about it, you are making space for etheric cords to build. 

A healthy and mature human being is not needy of other people’s attention and love. If they give a lot, they do so expecting nothing in return. Or, if they perceive to be the only ones giving, they will stop giving so much and find people who reciprocate the same values.

There is nothing worse than linking to someone who expects you to be available at all times. Even worse, when they create a lot of drama and expect you to help them all the time. Alternatively, they maybe see themselves as your “saviour”. They will insist on being the one who always helps you, listens to you and who get upset if you handle a few things on your own, or worse: have someone else help you out.

These cords appear because both people in this scenario have very poor boundaries and a lack of self-love. The one demanding all the attention lacks self-awareness, and the persons who allow themselves to be dragged into this scenario need to learn how to say “no” without feeling guilty.

Cords and emotional manipulation

It gets especially toxic when a person is unwell emotionally or mentally and makes it clear that if the partner leaves, they will commit suicide. When a person keeps threatening to commit suicide if you leave, there is a huge black guilt cord between your heart chakras. 

They make you feel you are the sole responsible person for their life. If you are in this situation right now, please seek professional help for yourself and the other person. Make sure you contact the suicidal person’s friends and family members and ask them to get involved. 

For female business owners, especially if you have a “nurturing” role as a therapist, coach, or healer, you might attract clients who feel deeply unloved and choose you as the only person they can trust and get help from. They might need an enormous amount of attention, and care and most often overstep all boundaries in order to get what they want: your attention.

And I have also seen it the other way around. I worked with female business owners who grew up unloved and were projecting their unmet needs onto their clients and customers by seeking approval or enjoying the feeling of being put on a pedestal. Some of them had a very toxic relationship with social media too.

Etheric cords at the throat chakra

The throat chakra is in our throat and, when open and balanced, empowers us to be strong communicators, to express ourselves authentically, and to speak our truth.

If someone always undermines what we say, ridicules us when speaking up, or screams to get their point across, thus being intimidating, it’s a sign of an abusive environment.

On the other spectrum, there are people who rarely speak up or express how they feel. Instead, they become passive-aggressive instead. 

If you don’t feel listened to, or heard by your loved ones, you might project your inner insecurities onto others. This stems from childhood wounds and can stem from past life traumas too.

For female business owners, this can show up as severe communication problems between them and their clients or customers. Either because they themselves haven’t learned to be as clear and concise in their communication, or by attracting clients who are abusive communicators.

Etheric cords at the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is in the middle of our forehead and brows. It’s our center for intuition, vision, and insight, and it’s the doorway to our psychic abilities.

For this chakra to flow well, we should have been encouraged to become freethinkers, to share our creative visions and imagination.

If someone has an etheric cord here with someone, it’s a sign that either of them might block the other one in terms of how they think. They might feel unsupported when sharing their visions or even feel ridiculed for their ideas and visions.

For psychic people, it can be that their partner, friends, or family fear this ability and put them down for having these powers. Or telling them it’s all nonsense.

If someone grew up being asked to obey without asking any questions, they might find themselves in a relationship where it’s the same. They need to “obey” their partner without using their own judgment or reasoning.

And the same holds true for a female business owner. You might attract clients, customers, or business partners who want you to obey their wishes and don’t care about your visions. Clients who might put you down for your beliefs and visions. And vice versa. 

Check-in with yourself and how you might project your strong views onto others without giving them space to express their own opinions.

Etheric cords at the crown chakra

The crown chakra is on top of our heads and is the center for spirituality, oneness, and spiritual connectivity.

Having a cord at this chakra can mean that our partner, friends, or family might question our way of thinking about spirituality, or even judge us for it. This is especially true when we have deeply religious or the opposite, firm atheists, in our circles, who have a very limited ability to welcome other beliefs and theories.

When someone makes you feel disconnected from yourself, your friends, or your life purpose, most likely there is a cord. It’s a big lesson to empower yourself to be the person you know you can be, regardless of what others think of you. 

Regardless of whether others believe in your life’s purpose or not. Never feel discouraged to go after what you believe is your purpose. The same goes for being able to practice your spirituality without being judged for it. Keep your faith. You don’t need anyone’s approval to practice spirituality or to go after your life purpose.

For spiritual female business owners, this can cause an inability to show up in their business or on social media, because they are continually fearing to be judged by their loved ones. It keeps them hiding “in the closet” or playing small in order to not “upset” someone.

How spiritual leaders, gurus, or healers can abuse their power

Cords here can also show up for spiritual gurus, coaches, or healers who are abusing their roles and forcing everyone to believe everything they are teaching. People react condescending or angry when people dare to think for themselves or have opposing views. I have seen it with Reiki teachers who corded themselves to their students, making their students co-dependent.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, divine channeler & intuitive business coach for female soulpreneurs, creatives, and heart-centered leaders who need help with creating the impact they are here to be making. 

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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