Hello 🙂

I’m Lais. A Brazilian-German Healer, Teacher & Spiritual Mentor

I believe we are all incredibly powerful and can self-heal. I love teaching you how to do just that in a safe, non-judgmental, and sacred space. How did I become a healer you might ask? By accident is my answer. It wasn’t my life’s plan or how I envisioned my life to be.

I studied business, spoke five languages fluently, and entered the corporate world. A few years in I had a profound dark night of the soul (listen to my mini podcast here)

Through that dark night of the soul I had my spiritual awakening and nothing has ever been the same again. I studied to become a healer in Thailand, Switzerland, and the UK. I started to understand my karmic relationships and got a profound understanding of the law of cause and effect and how it can override the law of attraction (aka manifesting things easily). Through healing my ancestral lines I developed a sensitivity to connecting to our ancestors.

I had past life memories of having been a healer, a shaman, a poet, and a wordsmith, and it became clear to me that I was bringing all these gifts back.

Through my spiritual awakening, I opened up my divine channel. As a bridge between the divine and you I channel your ancestors, your Higher Self, your spirit guides or teach you how to do so yourself.

As a “Space Clearing Expert” – it’s not me clearing your space but my wonderful space-clearing guides. My role is to be able to see what they are doing, understand why they are doing and pass on the messages to my clients. As such, I am incredibly proud to have started my podcast “Happy Home: Space Clearing Podcast” with my mum Heloisa. In there you’ll find my spooky story of how I got into Space Clearing (it entails the story of a poltergeist in my room!) 😀

I have a deep devotion to writing as a sacred ritual to channel higher intelligence. I journal every day as a form of self-reflection and deep compassionate inquiry into my psyche. My books: “Universe & You:11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” & a poetry collection “When A Wild Woman Rises” are testament to my devotion.

I have been on this journey for over 12 years now and have run my business successfully since then. First as a local business serving local clients, and now online, serving hundreds of women worldwide. Bringing my business online enabled me to become a rootless mystic, rooting myself in different countries and cultures. I have lived in Brazil, New York, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Bali, France (South West & Brittany), Porto, Portugal, Italy (Rome, Tuscany & Piedmont), Sweden, and a few others.

As a result of running a successful business, I started to help other female soulpreneurs, like me, through my intuitive business coaching program. I won’t teach you a one-way fits-all approach – but rather will empower you to channel your own systems, healing method, sales pathway, irresistible offers etc. Oftentimes when working with established business owners, they start channeling all of this by themselves because I can connect them to their genius, their Higher Self, Higher Guidance, whatever you like to call it. Through all of this we also do powerful healings & activations as I know myself fully well that every time we grow as business owners, we have fears come up, blockages, or inner resistance. Oftentimes childhood traumas or past life traumas can resurface. Growing is never easy! 🙂

I started my podcast Female Soulpreneurs Growing Their Business”  in 2023 which is a free resource for business owners and a mix between solocasts and guest experts being interviewed. It’s approaching its 2nd season now.

That’s it about me for today. If you are reading this, I’m THRILLED to have you here. Reach out if you have any questions or book yourself a free discovery call to see how I can best help you on your healing or spiritual journey or your business journey.