VIP 1on1 3 month Coaching & Healing Program

Uplevel Your Energy & Get Into Co-Creation Mode.


You are so very special. You know it and you feel it. You feel ready to uplevel your life on a massive scale and to learn how to work with the Universe by getting into Co-Creation Energy.

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Heal Blockages from your past, present and future

With my unique and powerful healing method, we will heal blockages for you, your ancestors, and the collective unconscious field. Past lives and karma, as well as many other elements from past will be looked at and released. 

Develop your Psychic Gifts

Activate your dormant psychic gifts (we all have them) or deepen the ones you already have. Meet and communicate with your spirit guides, angels, or your higher self. Learn how to use a pendulum and advanced tarot card layouts.


Get into co-creation Mode

Learn everything you need to know to be and to stay in co-creation mode, so that you have the Universe on your side at all times, supporting you, and accelerating the speed by which you co-create things into existence.

About this 1on1 program 🙂

I’m excited to have you here. This program is built with your needs in mind. Therefore no sessions are alike.

As a Psychic Healer and a Channel to the Divine, I have created my own healing method, which consists of 21 criteria, or elements, that need to be in place when we wish to get into Co-Creation Energy with the Universe. And this is what the 3 months will be about.

We will uplevel your energy, activate you to your highest potential, and eliminate blockages from the past, present and future. I will coach you on the most advanced Energy Management Techniques in terms of setting boundaries, understanding where you lost energy every day and why, and how to get it back.

I will coach you extensively around the Co-Creation Process, so that you know exactly what your next steps are each week in order to manifest your goals. And each time new blocks show up, we heal and release these together.

I will act as a bridge between the Universe and you, between your Higher Self and you, between your guides and you, until you learned how to confidently access their wisdom yourself. And even then, I can always add more information I channel for you.

The specifics:

We meet once a week for an hour over on video (ZOOM). Sessions can be recorded for future reference.

Before our first session, we will dive into what you wish to create or achieve through working with me, so I have a clear understanding of your goals.This is done via my FREE video call. If we are a fit to work together, and you wish to go ahead, I will score you on 21 different criteria to find out where all the blockages are which are in the way of you co-creating your chosen reality. I will share all of these with you in our next session, as well as have a “Plan Of Action” for our sessions, so you know what we are doing each week and month.

We are then ready to start with the first healing and coaching session. During that session I will receive guidance from Universe as to what should be your focus in terms of “homework” during sessions.

By the end of the 3 months, we will score you again and make sure your scores have improved on all criteria, and if not, I will provide another session, free of charge, for some additional healing, course correction or coaching.

work with many different women, trying to co-create different things. below is just a small idea of what we can work on together:

– Helping you in your career: be it to have a better work-life balance, or stronger boundaries, or to uplevel and get a promotion, a salary increase or just generally better opportunities to grow.

– getting clear on your gifts, talents and gifts, as well as your life purpose.

– Helping you in your Business: as your Business is an extension of you, it all starts with clearing your own energetic household first, before we look at the specifics of your Business and all the financial abundance blocks you might be carrying.

– Helping you energetically to start a new Business, so that your Business will have great prospects of being successful.

– Helping you to heal you and your family and/or kids. If you are a struggling momma, trust me: there is an amazing body of work we can do to work on you and your kids/family. Kids get healing free of charge during our time together too.

– If you are wanting to conceive a baby, we can work on a conscious conception: meaning you get energetically ready to welcome a baby soul to join you. This includes contacting a baby soul, receiving information, and much more.

– If you had miscarriages, or an abortion, or other energetic traumas happening, we can work on that, making sure your body, and specifically your womb, is ready to conceive again (if that is what you wish to work on.)

– If you are an artist, a writer or any type of creative woman, but are feeling blocked, we can do amazing work around that, so that you feel highly inspired, encouraged, and even get input from Universe/your guides, on what you should focus on next and how.

– If you are single and have been dating men/women who were not ready to commit, were playing, or worse, were abusive in any way, and you wonder when you ever will meet the “right one”, we can do amazing work around that, and heal all the blockages in the way of that being a reality.

I would ask you to buy a few things for this program:

– 3 dedicated journals: one for gratitude, one for just “rants”, and one general one to journal about progress etc.

– a set of tarot cards/ guidance cards, which ones I will share with you during our call/via email.

– a pendulum (again, I will give tips as to which ones once we speak)

– either a small (or big – up to you) whiteboard, or any kind of board you can pin stuff on to keep track of major goals (but if you prefer to have it all in an online system such as evernote, that’s also okay

First Step: Schedule yourself in for my free video call. That way I can assess whether I feel this program is a fit for you, and you can ask questions, share what you wish to work on etc. 🙂

The Investment

Choose which method of payment you prefer.

About Lais

Lais has been communicating with the Divine since her spiritual awakening in 2011, which led to a big transformation: she quit the corporate world and became self-employed.

Since then she had many encounters with spirit guides, angels and elementals, as well as spirit animals. As a bridge between the physical world and the higher dimensions, Lais has been passing on messages to her clients since then. 

She has also channeled her own healing method in order to help women to uplevel their lives, by harnessing the power of co-creation energy.

She uses the same methods for herself and has manifested everything, from a successful Business from the first month she started, a beautiful soulmate relationship, free holidays, upgrades, meeting famous people she wanted to meet, and much more. She also co-created continuous Business Uplevels and is now working location independent from different exotic locations around the world.


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