Past Life Regression

Karmic relationships

Understand and heal your karmic relationships

Karma with money

Understand your karma with money, finances, or running a business

Fears & Phobias

Find out in what past lives your fears and phobias started, and why, before healing and letting go of them

Talents & Gifts

Find out about your dormant gifts and talents from previous lives, and activate them again, so you can use them in this life

Past life regression in Geneva & Online

Digging deep into your soul memories

Hello, welcome! 🙂 I offer past life regression and past life readings in Geneva and online and have over a decade of experience.

Everybody can see their own past lives, it’s an easy thing to learn, and so far, I never had any client who didn’ retrieve amazing past life information. I use two different methods to access your subconscious mind, and both work extremely well.

There is so much interesting information waiting for you to be accessed. It’s one of the most empowering things one can do, to access past life memories. We really learn so much more about ourselves, our problems and challenged, including the difficult relationships we had/have.

Any challenge you’r facing now in life, whether with relationships, business/money, health,  fertility issues, or anything else, can be traced back to a past life, so you get to understand about the root causes of your current challenges.

While doing a past life regression, you are in a deep healing state, and merged with your higher wisdom. That’s why we not only look at past lives, but also heal the blockages caused by past life traumas.


past life regression Geneva

About Lais

Lais is an ASCA accredited Healer, Space Clearing Expert and Intuitive based in Geneva Switzerland, and certified in Past Life Regression by the renowned Dr. Yvonne Oswald from Canada.

Lais began exploring her own past lives in 2011, and since then has been amazed by her own healing results, and the results her clients had. She offers past life regression in Geneva and online.

She is also the creator of the 4 week online past life regression & healing program that is available since 2016.

A session will last between 2 and 2 1/2 hours and includes:

  • “Setting the stage”: I’ll explain how the session is structured and we discuss what you want to get out of the session.
  • A simple past life exercise without being hypnotised to retrieve information before we start with the hypnosis.
  • The actual past life regression lasts around 1h/1h 15 min where you’ll explore up to 3 past lives, the lessons you had to learn, what you could have done better, what went really bad (if anything), and we will heal anything that needs healing.
  • Debriefing after the hypnosis
  • You keep a copy of the recording for future reference
  • Are you having difficult relationships? (Partners, family, job etc)
  • Are you always attracting the wrong partners?
  • Do you have problems with money/finances, having the feeling that you never have enough?
  • If you have your own business: Do you find it hard to attract clients/customers? 
  • Do you have irrational fears and phobias that you can’t explain?
  • Did you face any form of abuse? (at home or at work)
  • Do you feel stuck and lost?
  • Are you simply curious to discover more about your soul and your soul family?
  • Are you curious abut your past life talents and gifts?

If the answer was yes to one or more of these questions, you can benefit from exploring your past lives.

I do all my work online. So you will need a strong/stable internet connection for that.

I use a video software to record our session, called zoom, and I’ll ask you to download it prior to the session.

Occasionally I also travel and do face to face sessions in other countries and cities, such as: Geneva, Switzerland, London and Leeds in the UK, Bangkok, Thailand, Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany.


If you have a group of a few people interested I also offer group sessions.

I also created an online self-study program that goes 4 weeks, each week you receive a new past life audio recording to see your own past lives. Ask me for details. 🙂

The price is 325 Swiss Francs, or 325 USD, and can be paid in 2 monthly instalments if needed. Ask me for details.

In case you really don’t want to see these past lives for yourself, I can also see them for you and debrief you, taking you through everything I saw, and the info I received. The price for this service is the same.

It was a great pleasure working with Lais. We did past live regression and healed my past and I can tell you that it was a fantastic experience , so eye opening and informative. We can learn a lot about ourselves and improve our lives if we only let Lais ‘look’ inside of us. She is truly talented and so insightful. Blessings.

Hanna, Poland, March 2018

I did “Heal Your Past” with Lais and it has been a truly amazing experience! I could not believe how much information from past lives my subconscious mind stored and what a huge relief it would be to get it all out. Most importantly, learning about my past lives allowed to me better understand the people I met and the choices I have made in my current life. I highly recommend it to everyone! I also did Reiki with Lais, which helped relax my body and calm down my crazy hormones. Reiki is certainly worth trying. 🙂

Magdalena B., Poland, March 2018

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