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Here we focus on all things healing, releasing, spiritual guidance, co-creating the life you deserve to live- whether you are a career driven woman, have your own business or working on your personal relationships.

For this I have my amazing transformative self-healing program or 3 or 6 month signature programs where I coach & heal women to become who they know they are meant to be, and to create the impact they are here to have.

As an intuitive business coach, I teach female soulpreneurs, healers, and creatives how to tap into their subconscious mind so they can find and release abundance blocks in the way of the impact, profit and success they deserve to have. Get my help to get your irresistible offer, service or program right.

I launched my two new podcast: Female Soulpreneurs Growing Their Business & Happy Home Space Clearing Podcast. (Available on all major podcast platforms)

I offer one off sessions, such as my popular remote energy Space Clearing, online Past Life Regression & past life readings or Psychic Guidance sessions.

I provide a lot of free guidance in my Instagram or on my Facebook page, my blog, or free webinars on different topics.

If you are based in Switzerland, I work with most complimentary health insurances. My ASCA number is F461462. You can ask them if you get reimbursed.



I am thrilled to announce that my book: Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online retailers.

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What My Clients Are Saying

Hey guys! I can’t just put in words how happy I am in completing the “Heal Your Past” from Abundant Chick Programs!

So many improvements, amazing insights and unblocking of energy.

The journey is just great and so well put together by Lais. I can tell this is the best gift I have given myself this Year!

She guides and leads the sessions to the best benefit, guiding how to knock down the obstacles to create just the life you want!

It’s light weight, clear and beautiful: imagine your garden full of weeds before you start, and a beautiful garden afterwards. It’s exactly how I feel! Thank u Lais! Thank u Universe! I super reccomend if you would like to clear blocks from your past to get in touch with Lais ❤️

Anna L., London

I just did “Heal Your Past Workshop” which contains a lot of healing.

It was very good to release so many trapped emotions.

Lais is always very professional yet so kind and helpful. When you work with energy a connection is very important and I love Lais energy and guidance.

The groups I joined were also very nice and it was good to share experiences and meet people with similar (or not) intentions.

Lais is helping me a lot on my spiritual journey and I can’t thank her enough.

Paula M., Brazil

The first step was to identify what the issues are. The second phase is to understand the messages behind each block that is stopping our wishes from manifesting. The process of finding our blocks was intense and it felt like an awaking call. The past and present karma, most of the blockages that I have created during my life some are conscious, and subconscious. It was my way to protect my self from being hurt again by building these massive walls around me.  

By the end of the course, I felt much lighter, happier and open to life. The next two weeks have opened new paths for forgiveness and to walk with confidence, courage, and peace in my present moment, and the future keeps bringing me miracles and blessings.

 If you are reading this, you are at the right time and place to start your healing. Just follow your inner light, and it shall point you to the right direction.

I have made a list of things I wanted to have and 80% came true, which made me happy.

Reem A. Qatar

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