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I am thrilled to have you on my website. Welcome!

Here we focus on all things healing, releasing, spiritual guidance, developing your intuition, and co-creating the life you deserve to live.

For this I have my amazing transformative self-healing program or 3 or 6 month signature programs where I coach & heal women to become who they know they are meant to be, and to create the impact they are here to have.

As an intuitive business coach, I teach female soulpreneurs, healers, and creatives how to tap into their subconscious mind so they can find and release abundance blocks in the way of the impact, profit and success they deserve to have. Get my help to get your irresistible offer, service or program right.

I launched my two new podcast: Female Soulpreneurs Growing Their Business & Happy Home Space Clearing Podcast. (Available on all major podcast platforms)

I offer one off sessions, such as my popular remote energy Space Clearing, online Past Life Regression & past life readings or Psychic Guidance sessions.

I provide a lot of free guidance in my Instagram or on my Facebook page, my blog, or free webinars on different topics.

If you are based in Switzerland, I work with most complimentary health insurances. My ASCA number is F461462. You can ask them if you get reimbursed.



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I am thrilled to announce that my book: Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other online retailers.

Learn how to manifest with 12 powerful meditations
Universe & You: 11 steps to co-create the life you desire

What My Clients Are Saying

I joined the program to reset my energy and gain a better approach to managing challenges and emotions. The experience was incredible and I got way more than I expected. The classes were well organized and we were guided very well in meditating and learning to meditate on our own and reflect within a safe and nurturing environment . Lais is the Michael Jordan of coaches and I just wish I’d known her earlier !!

B. S.

I joined Lais self-healing program because I wanted to be part of it with a group of extraordinary and powerful women.

It was a completely life changing experience and the pieces of the big puzzle all fell into place. I was able to clearly see my qualities and the repetitive blocks that were preventing me from moving forward in life. Self-discovery is a never-ending path and having a coach to accompany us and guide us on the right path is essential.

It is a very complete program and all the modules are amazing, the meditations are powerful and the communication with the spiritual team is amazing during these weeks.

As for Lais, she is very intuitive and straight to the point, a soulful person who knows her work very well and guides her clients perfectly. She did an incredible job with the supports to dig into our soul and discover ourselves.

For anyone who would like to embark on this adventure, I can only recommend Lais. Nowhere else will you find a more capable person to guide you.

Ana Paula

Working with Lais has been an extraordinary experience that has transformed my life in ways I never imagined. When I first came to her, I was seeking inner balance, struggling to overcome limiting beliefs, and searching for ways to infuse spirituality into my business. Lais understood my challenges and guided me towards finding clarity and purpose.

Throughout our journey together, I learned invaluable lessons and gained numerous benefits. I discovered that business and spirituality are not mutually exclusive but can coexist harmoniously. Lais helped me uncover hidden talents, empowering me to become my own healer and channel the information I needed. I also developed a greater sense of compassion and love for myself, allowing me to nurture personal growth and embrace new opportunities.

What sets Lais apart is her exceptional compassion, unwavering curiosity, and deep involvement in the coaching process. From the very beginning, she created a safe and supportive space for me to explore and grow. Lais was not only easy to reach and approachable, but she also offered invaluable advice and guidance that propelled me forward on my journey of self-discovery. Her dedication and genuine care for my well-being were evident in every session, making me feel truly heard and understood. With her valuable insights and direction, I gained a newfound sense of clarity and confidence in navigating life’s challenges.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lais to anyone on a quest for healing and personal development. She not only facilitated my healing journey but also taught me how to become my own personal healer and counselor. Through her guidance, I learned to trust my inner wisdom, opening my heart and mind to new possibilities and embracing a new world of opportunities.

Thank you, Lais, for being a catalyst for my transformation and for guiding me towards a brighter and more fulfilling path of self-discovery.

Aynur T.

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