Energy Forecast For The Month – Channeled Messages For The Collective

welcome to our page. We are a team of four female spiritual business owners who teamed up to share our monthly forecasts. Lais Stephan, the Podcast host for Female Soulpreneurs Growing Their Business, felt it was important to help the collective navigate the current energies and chaos we are in. As with everything in life, only accept the messages that resonate and discard those that don’t. Happy listening. 🙂 Below you’ll find more info about us and how to connect on our socials or special offers.

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Welcome to this energy forecast where Lais Stephan, Els Di Maria Sofia, Dena Musfer & Bianca Patetl-Flowers share their channeled messages for the upcoming month. It’s a mix of messages for the collective, for visionary leaders, healers and heart-centred business owners, astrological influences, ancestral messages, and messages for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

You can connect to us below, all our websites and socials are listed, as well as some special offers or info on my self-healing program.

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