What is an irresistible offer clinic?

irresistible offer clinic

My irresistible offer clinic is a 90 min deep dive into an existing offer, service, group program, or course you have, but that hasn’t been selling as well as you would have hoped.

I’ll be tapping into your subconscious mind with an easy-to-use tool to retrieve important information about where there are “energy leaks” or a misalignment in your offer. I check for 7 different levels, as well as testing the energetics of your pricing. The wrong price alone (aka a price you’re not aligned with energetically) might create buying objections in your potential clients.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly what needs to be tweaked or changed. sometimes all it takes is one tweak. Other times one needs to revamp the whole offer.

As a psychic healer & intuitive biz coach for over a decade, I have been running my own business successfully and have launched many offers and group programs. IĀ  have developed a framework to test for what’s working and what isn’t.

In these 90 minutes, you’ll get a ton of guidance, help, and actionable advice to make your offer irresistible to your ideal clients.


7 steps to an irresistible offer

How do you define an irresistible offer?

An irresistible offer is an offer that your ideal clients can’t wait to purchase from you. A course they can’t wait to enroll in or a coaching program that almost sounds too good to be true. It’s a no-brainer offer.

Didn’t you also have moments where you followed a specific coach, service provider, or healer, and when they put out one of their offers you just went ahead an booked immediately? You made it work financially even when you knew money was tight?

I know I have been in that spot multiple times. I bought many irresistible offers myself and have learned what a no-brainer offer entails which is why I am now offering during my irresistible offer clinic sessions.


What are the 7 different levels an irresistible offer needs in place?

On top of checking for these 7 steps, we also dive into the marketing side of things. Such as:

  • where to sell your offer
  • at what price points
  • how many emails you should send to your newsletter subscribers
  • what bonuses to offer
  • whether you need a “pre-launch plan” such as a free challenge or webinar to sell it and if so maping that out

How to sign up for the irresistible offer clinic

Signing up for an irresistible offer clinic is easy. Just click on the booking link below.Ā 

You’ll get to my scheduling page where you’ll provide all the info you have about your current offer or program.

You can add a link to any sales page or social media post that speaks about it if you have one yet.

You’ll describe what your offer entails and why you think it hasn’t been selling thus far or where you feel insecure about it. Or in case you haven’t launched it yet – let me know you want to ensure your launch feels more aligned.

What my clients had to say:

irresistible offer clinic
testimonial for irresistible offer
I booked an “irresistible offer” session with Lais to find out what is blocking me from bringing my work into the world ā€“ and man am I so glad I did! I have had an idea for a Shamanic Singing course for years, and had even done an experimental version of it with three volunteers, but then for some reason, I just stopped working on it. When Lais offered the session, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to find out what was in the way of my creating and launching the course.
She used a method of working with the subconscious mind to find out how long the course was supposed to be, and what would go into the different modules.
Together we worked out the course structure, and through her questions, I started having more and more ideas. The way she listened to me talking about my work inspired me to really get excited about it, which I had not felt in a very long time.
Through her questions to my subconscious mind, we also found out the price structure for the course and the blockages that prevented me from going forward, and in which chakras they were located. Having the aligned prices for the normal course and the VIP version was such a relief because pricing had always been one of my greatest difficulties.
So if you have an offer that you need to get clear about, and you want inspiration to start creating it, treat yourself to a session with Lais! You will not regret it. It totally helped me on all levels! šŸ˜
Zarah Zyankali

Light Language Practitioner & Teacher

What if I only have an idea for an offer?

As long as you have thought it out in detail, we can work on it. I do have coaching packages to help people create an offer from scratch as well, but this we won’t be able to handle in 90 mins here. However, contact me to enquire.

What if I feel blocked and unable to launch my offer?

While we talk about specific blocks that might be in the way of you successfully launching your offer, this is not a session that includes healing. As a healer, I’d recommend you to have a healing session (contact me here), or if it’s deep-seated trauma, ancestral traumas, etc, look at my self-healing program.

What if I only have an idea for an offer?

As long as you have thought it out in detail, we can work on it. I do have coaching packages to help people create an offer from scratch as well, but this we won’t be able to handle in 90 mins here. However, contact me to enquire.