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If you’re here, most likely you have been playing it small in your Business. Maybe you have been running in circles and haven’t created the massive impact you know you can create yet. Yes, YET. Or maybe you are at a crossroads and are not sure which way to go.

I work with women who are ready to uplevel their lives and Businesses on a massive scale. Who want to show up, be visible, and let the world know they are here to create a legacy. Because what you do matters.

I am now accepting applications. By clicking on the “Apply Now” button above, you will be directed towards scheduling yourself in for a FREE 45 min Discovery Session so we can dive deep into your Business goals and aspirations and see whether we are a good fit to work together.

Receive Psychic Guidance

For 6 months you will have access to higher channeled information about your Business or career. We will receive psychic guidance on your services, programs, offers, pricing, ideal client and so much more. If you are in a career, we will channel equivalent information for you to progress, or to find a way out of Corporate World and find your life purpose. What’s more, I will guide you to further develop your own psychic gifts so that by the end of these 6 months you know how to retrieve all the psychic information you need to run a successful Business or be a powerhouse woman in your career.

Upgrade your energetic System

I will assist you in your energetic upgrade.

It’s incredible times, dear ones. I, myself, had a massive upgrade. 

For eons we have been working with the ancient Chakra-system. What if I told you that now it’s possible to merge all your chakras into one, thus making it far easier to keep yourself energised, balanced, and centered in your heart?

These higher ascension energies and upgrades are there for any woman who wishes to upgrade her life. However, upgrading your external world means upgrading your internal one energetically first.


Co-creation the life you desire

We will know exactly what’s in your way of co-creating a successful Business or career path, by working with me through my Program.

On top, you will have access to my super manifesting energy during the 6 months we work together. I’m a life path 22: the master manifestor path and a manifesting generator in Human Design. Not only do I manifest my own goals super quickly, but I am also able to help others manifest theirs quicker.

Working with Lais has been an extraordinary experience that has transformed my life in ways I never imagined. When I first came to her, I was seeking inner balance, struggling to overcome limiting beliefs, and searching for ways to infuse spirituality into my business. Lais understood my challenges and guided me towards finding clarity and purpose.

Throughout our journey together, I learned invaluable lessons and gained numerous benefits. I discovered that business and spirituality are not mutually exclusive but can coexist harmoniously. Lais helped me uncover hidden talents, empowering me to become my own healer and channel the information I needed. I also developed a greater sense of compassion and love for myself, allowing me to nurture personal growth and embrace new opportunities.

What sets Lais apart is her exceptional compassion, unwavering curiosity, and deep involvement in the coaching process. From the very beginning, she created a safe and supportive space for me to explore and grow. Lais was not only easy to reach and approachable, but she also offered invaluable advice and guidance that propelled me forward on my journey of self-discovery. Her dedication and genuine care for my well-being were evident in every session, making me feel truly heard and understood. With her valuable insights and direction, I gained a newfound sense of clarity and confidence in navigating life’s challenges.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lais to anyone on a quest for healing and personal development. She not only facilitated my healing journey but also taught me how to become my own personal healer and counselor. Through her guidance, I learned to trust my inner wisdom, opening my heart and mind to new possibilities and embracing a new world of opportunities.

Thank you, Lais, for being a catalyst for my transformation and for guiding me towards a brighter and more fulfilling path of self-discovery.

Aynur T.

About this 1on1 VIP program

The first month we start off with a BANG! 🙂

We will spend 90 Minutes together where you take me through your Business/Career/Job Situation in detail. We will get crystal clear on your goals and aspirations for the next 6 months of working together. I will retrieve psychic information on what services/products have potential, which ones need to be improved and which ones should be let go of. I will get information on your pricing and whether you are energetically aligned with that price. If not, we will make sure you are, or will increase prices.

On the career side, I can retrieve psychic information too, about current situation, difficult relationships and how to navigate them, best steps to take moving forward, how to uplevel your career, or info on your next steps after you leave the career: an exit strategy so to speak. 

I will outline energetic tools/meditations/journaling techniques, morning routines, and end of day routines you will implement during our time working together to help with the upleveling of your energy and Business/Career. If you already have all of this in place – great – we continue with the healing part:

I will use my Psychic abilities to channel in-depth information on any and all energetic blockages from your past that might be in the way of you manifesting what we specified together.

The first month, therefore, will be all around healing, releasing and deleting the old, to make space for the NEW amazing energy to come in and work with you.

I will help you UPGRADE your energetic system as described above to merge all your chakras into one powerful energy pool.

Every week, on Monday, you will send me a list of goals for the week you wish to accomplish by the end of the week, and I will energise it for you, as well as being your number 1 accountability partner.

Every week we will have a 1h session where we do the healing (1st part) and then we focus on your Business/Career. However the first month is more about healing and releasing, as we only co-create amazing things with the Universe once our energy is clear.

In case you already healed a lot prior to contacting me, I will check in with my guides and see what comes up for healing for you. Oftentimes I manage to get to the very root cause of any energetic imbalances and help clients get to the core of their healing needs. Should you not need further healing, though, we start off with month 2 right away.

In the 2nd month we will dive deeper into your own psychic gifts and empower you to develop stronger intuition, channeling abilities and mastering your everyday life.

We will go deeper into self-awareness techniques, raising your consciousness and getting you ready for the remaining months to manifest a successful Business, or get crystal clear on your life purpose or manifesting an amazing career progression.

You will meet new spirit guides who are there to assist you on this journey, as well as connect with your Higher Self and merge with her more and more so that psychic information flows through you in your every day life without any efforts.

We will work on merging your unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind, your right and left brain hemispheres, your male and female energies for a powerful transformation into a sovereign, interdependent woman who is in touch with the spiritual realms while being fully grounded.

As with the 1st month, the first part will be spent on your healing and/or transformation and the 2nd part on your Business/Career.

Every week, on Monday, you will send me a list of goals for the week you wish to accomplish by the end of the week, and I will energise it for you, as well as being your number 1 accountability partner.

In the following months we will move forward fearlessly and work on your Business/Career by taking inspired action. This will include you stepping out of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic lies.

Again, we will make use of our psychic guidance to make sure you take the right action steps to bring your Business/Career forward.

If and when blockages arise, be it mental blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, anxiety, we will deal with them right away. When we uplevel our lives it’s very common for the ego to rebel and to want to stop our massive growth spurt. Expect to feel as if you are moving backwards in some moments, feeling like you can’t make it, or that you wish to give up. That’s not only normal, it’s a good sign.

Your body and your subconscious mind are feeling the big transformative changes and are acting up to keep you playing small.

Many entrepreneurs end their journey right there and then and continue to play small or give up entirely.

But we won’t have it! 🙂 Instead, expect to achieve results, month after month.

Like before we will get psychic input for your monthly intentions and goals and your weekly goals, with me energising them all to help you manifest quicker and to stay aligned energetically.

– You have a Business and are ready to get to the next level and the next level after that.

– You are wanting to start your Business & would love to have someone who has already done it and knows the steps it entails.

– You have been feeling disconnected from the healing method you studied and wondered about what’s next. Whether you have your own healing method (I can help you channel that)

– You don’t want a “one size fits all” business approach but learn how to run your soulful business in your own way in a way that feels aligned.


Only 997 $ pm* if booked until December 2023

Do you want to end this year on a high note and be sure to start 2024 well prepared and highly energetic for even more success?

Then the time to start is NOW. Don’t wait for “one day” or until next year to start taking you and your Business or Career seriously. If you start working on yourself now, you will already have everything in place to uplevel your life in 2024 like never before. 🙂

Click on apply now above to schedule a complimentary video chat with me to see if we are a right fit to work together.

* Or 5000$ if paid in full. (1 month FREE!)


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