Shifting Paradigm with Dena Musfer: A Tale of Transformation & Manifestation

Feb 1, 2024

Dive deep into Dena’s incredible journey on this episode! From her roots in Palestine to her transformative experience in the U.S., Dena’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of belief. Tune in as she shares how a shifting paradigm turned tragedy into empowerment and how she embarked on a path of manifestation and coaching.

This episode isn’t just about Dena’s life—it’s about overcoming doubt, embracing authenticity, and taking inspired action. Don’t miss out on the wisdom and insight she has to offer!

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This episode is longer than my other episodes because it needed to be. There is a wealth of wisdom being shared by Dana. She’s an incredible storyteller and is showing up vulnerably and authentically as an incredible light.

I couldn’t be more honoured to have had her on my podcast, in fact, she catapulted me into the quantum field (which we will talk about too) where time didn’t exist.

Thank you Dena for being such a light in this world and for showing up unapologetically and being of service to the collective, as well as an important activist and role model showing us what it means to do liberation work.

Timestamps for orientation:

00:00 Introduction and Guest Arrival

00:37 Getting to Know Dana: Her Background and Journey

03:16 Dana’s Life in Palestine: A Tale of Adversity and Resilience

10:36 The Tragic Loss and the Start of a New Chapter

22:16 Moving to the U.S. and the Awakening Journey

27:15 Discovering Art and Painting: A Healing Journey

30:01 The Transformation: From Grief to Empowerment

35:29 Shifting Self-Image and Identity

35:46 Discovering the Power of Belief and Passion

37:37 The Journey to Becoming a Coach

38:34 Misconceptions about Manifestation

40:01 The Power of Emotions in Manifestation

44:47 The Role of Authenticity in Manifestation

49:33 Overcoming Doubt and Assumptions

52:21 The Importance of Taking Inspired Action

58:22 The Power of Quantum Healing

01:00:45 The Role of Authenticity and Acceptance in Healing

01:08:41 The Art of being multi-passionate

Listen to it below:

A quote from episode:

A quote from episode:

Dena’s BIO & Contact details:

Facebook Free Community Group & her Star Circle Experience Hub links are all inside this link ⁠⁠

Instagram : ⁠⁠

Levantinian Shop: ⁠⁠ 

Instagram Levantinian: ⁠⁠

Dena Musfer is a Palestinian American Artist and Quantum Transformation Coach, whose journey into mentorship unfolded unexpectedly, aligning her with the role she was destined to fulfill. Renowned for her exceptional visionary capabilities, she has earned acclaim for possessing an “outside-the-box vision” and a discerning intuition that precisely identifies the essential.

In her coaching practice, Dena serves as an intuitive visionary guide, transcending the boundaries of her clients’ limitations. With a foundation in mindset and results coaching under the mentorship of Bob Proctor, she embarked on a transformative path that culminated in her certification and training in Quantum field coaching. This unique approach allows her to leverage her natural intuitive and visionary abilities, enabling her to connect with the field of pure truth and untapped possibilities. Dena provides clients with guidance that is not only insightful but also time-saving. Alongside her proficiency in Quantum coaching, she holds certifications in Star healing and is actively advancing her expertise in quantum energy shifting modalities.

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Dena is the creative force behind Levantinian, an Art & Apparels Palestinian brand established in 2018. Originally inspired by a Middle Eastern theme, Levantinian has organically evolved into a platform for inspiration, liberation, and creative expression. Dena channels her Palestinian identity and artistic flair into her creations, spanning painting, digital design, and printed apparel.

Committed to guiding individuals on their self growth and spiritual journey, unlocking their true potential, and cultivating authentic leadership, Dena Musfer stands as a beacon of inspiration and transformation. Her mission is to empower others to create their desired reality with purpose and authenticity.

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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