How to get rid of a poltergeist in your home

Mar 14, 2024

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In case you wondered about how to get rid of a poltergeist in your home, I have a few tips so you can try it on your own first. Though I do recommend always working with a professional as it can become quite dangerous or nearly impossible to remove one on your own. Which is what my podcast episode is all about. Here, I interview one of my recent clients, Vanessa, a spiritually attuned woman, who was able to see and communicate with spirits since her childhood. You can listen to it below under my tips.

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4 tips on how to get rid of a poltergeist in your home on your own:

  1. Communicate with the spirit and ask it to leave: You don’t need to be a medium or be able to generally speak with spirits to do this. They can hear your thoughts so you don’t even need to speak out loud. In order to get rid of a poltergeist in your home, all you need to do is tell the spirit or poltergeist it doesn’t belong there and that it’s time to step into the light, to cross over.
  2. Tell the poltergeist it doesn’t need to be afraid of “hell”: Believe it or not, but many spirits, especially those who were deeply religious and believed in such concepts, will be afraid to leave the earthly realm. If they did anything they feel ashamed of or something they regretted while alive, this might prevent them from leaving. So tell them there is no hell, only unconditional love waiting for them. However, for that to work, you yourself, must believe in this. If you also believe in hell the poltergeist won’t believe you and will sense your own fear and judgment and might even become more aggressive.
  3. Ask the poltergeist’s ancestors and spirit guides to come and reveal themselves so it knows it’s safe to go now
  4. Cleanse your entire place: Again, this might not help at all, as poltergeists usually don’t care about people using sage or other herbs to make them leave. They will only leave if they choose to do, because it’s their own free will, not because sage or incense can harm them in any way

Work with a space clearing expert to remove stubborn poltergeists

Listen to my podcast episode. In this episode, I welcome my guest Vanessa, who shares her lifelong experiences with spirit perception, starting from childhood encounters to more profound interactions with spirits and poltergeists as an adult. Vanessa recounts various instances where she sensed and saw spirits, including her grandfather continuing to care for his lawn posthumously.

She tells a particularly moving story about buying an antique Victrola that brought a restless spirit into her home, leading to noisy disturbances and a palpable presence.

This encounter prompted Vanessa to seek professional help for space clearing, revealing the spirit with a poignant history tied to Nazi Germany and personal loss.

The episode further explores how Vanessa’s ancestry and experiences deeply connect with the spirit’s story, leading to successful communication and resolution with the spirit.

The episode emphasises compassion for spirits and the importance of understanding their stories for healing and closure.

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00:00 Welcome to the Episode: A Special Guest’s Paranormal Experiences

00:48 Childhood Encounters: The Beginning of a Spiritual Journey

02:46 A Life Filled with Paranormal Experiences

05:11 Sensing Energies: A Gift in Action

08:54 Understanding the ‘Clairs’: A Deep Dive into Spiritual Senses

11:08 The Mysterious Victrola: Unveiling a Haunting Presence

16:57 A Terrifying Encounter with a Haunted Antique

19:12 Seeking Professional Help for a Restless Spirit

19:44 The Angry Spirit’s Attachment to the Victrola

21:39 Unveiling the Spirit’s Tragic History

23:23 Healing and Closure: Helping the Spirit Move On

24:06 A Personal Connection to the Spirit’s Past

28:34 The Power of Ancestral Connections and Healing

32:23 Understanding and Empathy: The Path to Resolution

35:47 Reflecting on the Journey and Gratitude

36:34 Conclusion: The Importance of Sharing and Healing

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast. Leave a review if you do. 🙂

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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