Why not healing past life traumas & karma is costing you profit as a female entrepreneur

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I teach women to see and heal their past lives, as well as understand their karmic relationships and lessons so that they can thrive as a female entrepreneur.

“Reincarnation is not an exclusively Hindu or Buddhist concept, but it is part of the history of human origin. It is proof of the mindstream’s capacity to retain knowledge of physical and mental activities. It is related to the theory of interdependent origination and to the law of cause and effect.”

Dalai Lama

Without the shadow of a doubt, diving into my many past lives and understanding my karmic relationships has been one of the most profound healing journeys I have undertaken. Past lives fascinated me ever since I was 18 and had read Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters”.

My first past life vision was in 2011. I was giving a healing session to a fellow healing student in Thailand when I saw her being a young man who embarked on a large ship from Spain to sail to America. He colonised America and killed many of the indigenous people. That past life, and the karma she brought forward, was the root cause for some of her suffering and karmic relationships in this life. 

Since then I have also been certified as a past life regression therapist to take my clients on their own journey, always with remarkable findings and healings. 

Past life regression can help female entrepreneurs tap into the past in a gentle and healing way. It helps you to bring awareness as to why you have abundance blocks in your soulful business, or why you end up in abusive work situations. 

You find out why you chose a certain partner and why it was or is so hard with them. You will bring light to current situations and to learn from them, either transforming an existing relationship for the better, or being able to let go. Or if you are single, be able to attract the right partner into your life. I have another blog post writing about karmic relationships here.

You will understand why you have chronic illnesses in this life, or why you have panic attacks. Most of our “problems” in this life started in previous lives. I know how tough it is to run a soulful business as a female entrepreneur, and that in order to be successful I need to feel healthy.

I will share some case studies that are also non-business related, because we are vibrational beings. When we have a lower vibration because of the karmic relationship we are holding on to, this will also affect our business. How we show up in one area in our life is how we show up in any area of life.

Past lives and how a karmic love life can affect your soulful business as a female entrepreneur

I was in a very karmic relationship in my end twenties. When we met for the first time in a bar in Geneva, he ran to the bathroom shortly after to calm himself down. He had felt something he described as a deja-vue: a feeling of knowing me from somewhere, even if he knew perfectly well that he didn’t.

When we started dating, I found it weird that he didn’t drive a car, let alone had never got a driver’s license. He told me he feared driving even though he had never had an accident, nor did he lose any friends or family through accidents. He didn’t know where this fear came from.

When I started having past life visions, I saw us as a married couple in the 18th century in Belgium. We were on a horse carriage and had three children in the back. He caused an accident and our children died. That memory was so embedded within his soul still, that even in this life he held on to that irrational fear of not wanting to drive.

It all made sense to me. We had to come back together to heal this sad story and to let each other go with love and respect. Once he healed that that past life, he started driving, even without a driving license. 

Thanks to him, I am who I am today. I would never have thought about opening a healing & coaching business if not for the need to heal myself and discovering in the process that this was my path all along.

Sometimes karmic relationships need to happen to wake us the fu** up. That’s the truth. It might very well be the reason you start your soulful business as a female entrepreneur in the first place.

Karmic lessons because of suicide

I had developed feelings for a male friend. A few weeks later, I started behaving oddly. I put on classical music, which I never did, and even more bizarrely, I danced in my living room like a ballerina doing my pirouettes. After dancing I sat down and had a vision of me being a ballerina in Russia, performing in a famous ballet, the Swan Lake. I had a male dancing partner with whom I had danced for many years and with whom I was in love. 

We played with fire and had an affair. I felt terrible as it didn’t feel right to betray his wife and he didn’t want to leave her. The whole affair ended just as quickly as it had started and I stopped having visions. I knew my friend was the male ballet dancer.

These visions completely messed me up for a few days. I recorded a video about these visions for my newsletter, which my friend also received.

A few days later, he called me. 

“I know the male dancer was me,” he said.

“How?” I wanted to know. I hadn’t given out any names in the video, and there were no references to him whatsoever.

“Because a few days before you had your visions, I was looking for ballet tickets for Swan Lake. I wanted to take you to St. Petersburg to watch it together. It was supposed to be a surprise.”

I couldn’t believe it. We both, at the same time, tapped into these past life memories. Subconsciously, we knew this needed to be healed and balanced before we could be together.

A few weeks after that, I felt sad for no reason. I realised I had only seen a small portion of that past life. Once our affair had ended, I was pregnant with twins. As a dancer, I couldn’t dance anymore, nor earn money. I was desperate and couldn’t find any other way out than to take my own life.

I cried for many hours and released all that pain from that past life. Also, so much made sense to me about my current life. All the times I had faced rejection from men, starting with my father. These were all lessons for me, to learn how to deal with rejection without doing something as drastic as taking my own life.

I always thought life was not fair until I took responsibility for the fact that I was attracting men who would reject me based on my karma.

Nothing happens by coincidence in life. Nothing. You have soul contracts with every partner you meet and date. When you see common patterns behind all of your relationships, you will figure out what it is you need to learn in this life. 

My karmic drama played itself out until my mid-thirties. Because of my messy love life, it was hard to be fully present in my business and to find the time to scale it. It wasn’t until I healed this past life and got together with my male friend that things picked up in my business. We are still together and he is my biggest source of stableness and groundedness. This allows me to focus on my business the way it deserves to be focused on.

If you are in a karmic relationship or have a messy love life, know that you are worthy of healing. You are worthy of thriving as a female entrepreneur and have your soulful business flourish as a result.

How the “witch wound” is costing female entrepreneurs

If you work as a healer, therapist, coach, or any soulful business owner, you might discover that you have had past lives where you were a healer, a witch, a shaman or a psychic.

Having these kinds of past lives is tough, as many were killed because they were regarded as “witches”. As a result they find it hard to “be visible”, to “come out of their closet” and truly shine. They water down their message or are highly afraid of being too visible and powerful. 

The “with wound” is one of the most common wounds to be healed for women with spiritual businesses. On top, many spiritual business owners refuse to earn a living with their gifts and give it up for free. Or, at the very least, feel ashamed when asking for money for their services. 

They are tapping into their past lives and an old paradigm where people never charged for their spiritual services. Healing this false belief and lack of an abundance mindset is very important.

How money karma from past lives affect you as a female entrepreneur in your soulful business

Stealing money in a past life

I had a client who, during a past life regression, saw she had lived in Africa working for an orphanage. She how she had been stealing large quantities of money from that orphanage over the years. In this life, she kept donating money to orphanages and never felt it was enough. After her visions, she understood she had some heavy money karma because of the stealing in that past life. Because of that, she found peace in the knowing that in order to heal that she needed to keep donating money until she felt it was enough. 

Forcing women to work for free in a past life

Another female entrepreneur I was working with had problems with financial abundance in her business. When she did past life work with me, she saw a life in Spain, where she was the owner of a brothel. She had been a man and had made women work without paying them. This brought forward severe abundance blocks which needed to be cleared.

Embezzling money in a past life

Another client was a business owner in England in her past life and was embezzling money. He was paying his employees less than what they deserved. She even recognised some of the past life employees as her clients in this life. She was working as a business coach, helping women to be successful in their businesses. Again, not a coincidence. She came back into this life wanting to repay her karmic debt. 

Everything is absolutely divine. You would be surprised to know why you are doing what you are doing in your current life. It might be a karmic debt you are paying off.

I had a client who went into a past life, which she called “Robin Hood” style. She saw herself as a man, robbing people in order to survive, and in order for his “clan” to survive. In this life, she felt she had to donate a lot of money to good causes.

Her subconscious mind had directed her to make amends for the fact she had embezzeled money in a previous life.

These types of past lives, when unhealed, can make you face all sorts of abusive or toxic relationships. Be it with clients, customers or students in your soulful business. This can cause severe abundance blocks and lead to burnout, depression, or chronic fatigue. And even worse, you question whether you are on the right path.

Questions to ask yourself right now as a female entrepreneur:

  • Do you feel you have some very difficult and karmic relationships? And that whatever you do, it gets worse, or at least never better? And that it’s taking away time and energy from your business?
  • Do you feel you keep attracting the same abusive or negative patterns again and again?
  • Do you feel that whatever effort you put into your career or business doesn’t bring the desired outcome?

“Abundance Accelerator”: My 6-week group program for female entrepreneurs:

abundance accelerator program

If the answer to any of these is yes, I have a powerful group program you will love. In 6 weeks we will go through 6 different modules. These are geared towards finding energetic blockages in the way of you co-creating a financially abundant business. Such as finding and healing Ancestral traumas (see my blog here), Past lives & Karma, Negative pre-conception, womb & birth memories, Suppressed emotions, Limiting beliefs & Fears & Energetic cords to the negative parts of the collective field.

You can sign up here to be on the waiting list and be amongst the first to receive information about the program once I run it again. Places are always limited.

Book an online past life regression

Alternatively, if all you want to focus on are your past lives, you can book your online past life regression session with me here.

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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