5 tips to remain profitable in your spiritual business when life gets tough

Jul 23, 2022

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I started my spiritual business as a psychic healer, intuitive business coach, and writer in 2012 as a result of having gone through my first dark night of the soul. Disillusioned by the corporate world, my lackluster love life, and lack of purpose, I knew I had to make massive changes.

The only things I appreciated from corporate were:

my stable and high salary

the safety net of belonging to “the system”, such as being granted unemployment benefits when in need

having my employer pay for my health insurance and pension fund

having sick days while still being paid

Yes, all of that was amazing. And I no longer have it.

I arranged myself very well with the fact I am no longer part of the system. However, what got to me the most was the vulnerability of my position in case I got sick for a longer period. Or would struggle with my mental health.

Knowing that when life gets rough or unpredictable, I still need to work and make money has been a scary awakening. 

Therefore, I went through multiple phases of changing my business model. I optimised my offerings, looked at smart ways of generating income, and set up parts of my business to bring in automated sales.

This brings me to my first key tip for your spiritual business:

 1. Level up your abundance mindset & increase your prices

I see so many women quitting their 9-5 jobs in hopes of more freedom and less work. Many of them end up burning out in their business by working even more hours for little money.

This is especially important in times like now when we are hit by a pandemic, endless lockdowns, and price inflation leading to a cost of living crisis for many. 

You don’t have to be the one charging the least amount of money for your services, your products, or your art in your industry. I have written more about it here.

Especially If you are a single mum or parent to a kid with special needs, or the primary caretaker of someone sick, you will need more time away from your business. You absolutely cannot afford to operate from a frequency of unworthiness or lack of abundance mindset.

Overcome your imposter syndrome, and work on your mindset and ability to receive abundance. 

You need to charge adequately for your expertise and the transformation you can bring to your clients. This change will help you build up savings and be more relaxed when facing an unexpected period in your life where you can’t work as much. Be it because of external factors, be it because you yourself need some time off.

2. Offer packages versus one-off sessions

As as far as I can tell, the coaching industry has done a great job in teaching newbie coaches to package up their offerings versus selling one-off sessions.

Back when I studied different healing modalities, none of the healers I was working with were operating with that model. I had no role models back in 2011. When I opened up my healing business, I was offering one-off services for the longest time. It was stressful to say the least. Especially when you are starting out as a healer and have zero clients. Because then you are always hoping you’ll have repeat clients as finding new ones takes time.

However, this doesn’t pertain just to healers or coaches. It’s true for any other industry.

If you are an artist and are offering one-off painting classes, why not create a whole package, I.e. “Master acrylics in my 3-month program where you get to learn different acrylic techniques.”

Or for photographers: “join my 3-month program to learn street photography and editing pictures afterward…”

And as per my number 1 tip: charge what you’re worth!

3. Sell a transformation versus a “quick-fix”

What frustrated me the most, however, was that I was truly interested in accompanying my clients on a transformative journey. I wanted to dig deeper with them and that was not possible if they came only once or twice. I once had a new client who asked me: “which of your methods guarantees the quickest results in one session?” It’s like walking into a gym and asking a personal trainer which machine will burn all your body fat in one hour and develop muscle mass.

Energy healing is amazing, even just for a one-off session. But in the greater scheme of things, what we can achieve in a monthly container, is far more remarkable and magical.

Create your signature offer

I wrote in my blog how I left my Reiki business once I channeled a new healing system. Since then, I created a signature package offer to serve my clients.

But even with Reiki I have seen healers offer their signature packages nowadays. So everything is possible.

Another problem with charging by the hour for a well-known modality is that people will compare you with others offering the same in terms of price. These people will have a hard time spending more for your service when they can have the same for significantly less.

Having a signature package secures your livelihood

Not only does this guarantee a more significant transformative journey for your clients, it’ll also secure you more regular and stable income for the months you are working with them. 

And especially in tough times for you, trust me on this one, you’ll be so grateful to have regular clients. I know that when I’m not feeling well, the last thing I need to worry about are one-off client sessions, last-minute cancelations, finding new clients, etc.

My signature packages have been a true blessing for me and I wished I had started with these right away when I opened my business in 2012.

4. Bring your business online or into a “hybrid format”

If you already have an online business, you can skip this part. 

In case you are serving people locally, start setting yourself up online. You don’t have to completely shift into online, but you could create a hybrid format that works for you. 

I used to work locally and had rented an office to see clients face to face. At some point, that model no longer worked for me as this wasn’t the lifestyle I had been dreaming about. As a rootless, nomadic woman, I love traveling and living in different places. 

I very soon felt suffocated by having a local business. Each time I went on a long break to Thailand or Bali, I had no income and would use up big portions of my savings. The model had to change.

The next time I flew to Thailand for 3 months, instead of telling everyone I was away on holiday, I told them to book an online session with me instead. Many of my face-to-face clients did and realised that working online worked just as well, and most of my clients even came to prefer this way. They no longer needed to rush through traffic to see me, find parking, and arrive stressed. They could have a session with me from the coziness of their home. For a few years, I had this hybrid model in place. Serving clients in my office and online while away for longer periods of time.

I wrapped up my local business.

Then I met my partner in 2016 who wasn’t living in Switzerland. I took that as a chance to wrap up my local business and turn it 100% online as we wanted to become digital nomads and live in different places full-time. Which is what we have been doing for the last few years.

I automated online appointment taking through ACUITY (This is a must-have scheduler that takes into consideration your client’s different timezones when they book.)

And I am so glad I did. When the pandemic hit, I wasn’t affected by the lockdowns as I anyhow was working from home. Plus, I didn’t need to worry about getting infected. My clients were already used to working online with me and I was all set up for business as per usual.

I also know that in case my loved ones need me for a longer period of time, I can be with them without sacrificing my earnings.

 My online business really has been such a blessing so far.

And the best part has been that I have been serving a global audience. I have worked with women from around the world from different backgrounds, religions, and upbringings. This, too, has been a blessing in my life.

5. Generate passive income for your spiritual business

This, of course, goes well together with my third point, as passive income is mostly generated online. I wish I had started sooner with this. It only hit me once I turned 40 that generating passive income will be my priority in the future.

Create pre-recorded online courses, webinars or sell ebooks

You could offer pre-recorded online courses or film your live workshops and then sell them as online courses afterwards. 

If you are an artist, it’s time to look into having an Etsy store or equivalent to sell your designs while you sleep. 

If you are a blogger or writer, you could set up a Patreon site and get paid for your words. Or create a pre-recorded online course to help other newbie writers to plot their novels

You could write short e-books about your expertise and sell these 

You could pre-record a webinar and have people sign up for a fee and sell these in an automated way.

Start your membership 

You could start a membership. As a healer or meditation teacher, you could provide weekly new meditations or group healing sessions, new and full moon circles, etc.

I have seen memberships for puppy training, learning a language or an instrument. I’m sure you could find multiple ways of monetising your expertise and generate passive income.

I recently joined the Female Entrepreneur Society’s membership to network with other women, have co-working sessions. They offer new master classes (including some on how to start or run a membership) each month and the “CEO Power Hour”. In case you’re interested as well, here is the link.

Another added benefit of offering self-study courses, books or a membership: you can serve people who normally wouldn’t have the financial means to work with you 1on1.

I am now generating passive income in ways that feel aligned with me. I have written two books that generate passive income and am launching several self-study online courses

Self-study courses and my books are a great way for people to still reap the benefits of my vast knowledge and experience. But at a price point that is good for them. 

And it also serves busy mums and women who don’t have time for an intensive 1on1 or group program and prefer to study at their own pace.

Create your own app

I am creating an app where my courses and free challenges will be hosted.

Such as my new “Level Up Your Impact” Challenge. Click here to enrol or click in the banner at the bottom of the blog.

 If you, like me, would love to generate passive income through hosting courses or a membership on your own app, I recommend checking out the Passion Io App here.

Which brings me to my next suggestion: to earn money via affiliate links like the one I just shared above. 

Earn passive income via affiliate links

I’m very new to this, as well. One of my business coaches, James Wedmore, says everyone should make 20-30% of their yearly income via affiliate links. 

Of course we should only ever promote people or courses we can vouch for. I would never recommend someone I never worked with, nor would I recommend a course I have never taken. 

But the way I see it: what an AMAZING and EASY way to earn some additional income. Not only do we support the people and the businesses we care about, we also help the people who sign up and will benefit from the same experiences we have benefitted from. A total win-win situation!

Contact me here to enquire about my “Create Your Signature Offer” package in case you would like to scale your business and make more profit.

If you would like to create more impact and get into the energy, mindset and action taking vibes of your future impactful self: you can enroll in my free 4-Day-Challenge “Manifest More Impact, Profit & Success In Your Biz” now. Just click on the banner at the bottom of this blog.

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, divine channeler & intuitive business coach for female soulpreneurs, creatives, and heart-centered leaders who need help with creating the impact they are here to be making. 

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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