3 reasons your inspired action steps aren’t manifesting as a big impact in your soulful business

A female energy healer with long, curvy blond hair, pink glasses, wearing a flowery blouse, is looking at the viewer with wide open surprised eyes, open mouth, is surprised at the lack of success and impact she is having with her soulful business despite working hard and taking action. 

“Action that is inspired from aligned thoughts is joyful action.”

Abraham Hicks

Oftentimes, women reach out to me to ask what’s blocking their success in their soulful business. They feel they have taken enough action steps and don’t know why success isn’t coming their way. Once I zone into their energy, the answer always is one of four options: 

1. “Your channel isn’t open for business. You are not able to channel your Higher Self/the Universe and retrieve important guidance and have been missing out on taking the right inspired action that would have propelled you forward.”

2. “You are sabotaging yourself and repeating negative patterns because of your subconscious mind programming. There is a lot from your past that needs to be released before you can make a quantum jump forward.”

3. “Your action taking and willpower chakra (solar plexus) is blocked.”

4. “Nothing is blocking you. You are blocking yourself by not acting on the inspiration you receive consistently.”

Why being able to channel inspired action steps in your soulful business is essential

Once I had finished my healing studies in Thailand, I felt inspired to open my healing business in Switzerland. I had no savings left, though, and no idea how to open, let alone run a business.

I told the Universe: 

“Look, Universe, I followed your advice and healed myself. I’m now ready to serve and to become the healer I believe I’m supposed to be. But I can’t do this alone. You need to help me make this work. SO MAKE IT WORK!”

I commanded it as I firmly believed I was entitled to help and guidance, as we all are. What followed were incredible occurrences of synchronicity, inspiration, and beautiful guidance, which inspired me to take the right action steps.

Within a week, I found the perfect room to rent for my activities. Then I received divine guidance about new ideas for workshops. I channeled my “4-week Meditation & Healing” program and got to work with a group of women over four weeks. Because of that, some of them were interested in coming to see me individually for some 1on1 healing as well.

From the very first month I started my business, it was working. It grew consistently so that I soon could take a few months off to spend my winters in South East Asia to take care of my well-being, and spend time on my other passions such as writing.

Nowadays, 10 years and two published books later, I am still taking inspired action consistently in my business. This is why I am invested to help female entrepreneurs take inspired action steps in their soulful businesses too. And there is no inspired action taking of our channel, aka our crown chakra is open and activated to its highest potential.

So, my three key tips to start manifesting more impact, profit and success are:

1. Keep your channel wide open

My channel was open and ready for business and I was receiving aligned inspiration. This is incredibly important as when we take action from our ego mind, based on our fears, our ego, our unrealistic expectations etc, we might take the wrong action altogether or sabotage ourselves and might burn out in the end.

However, having an open channel alone sometimes isn’t enough. We need to reprogram our conscious and subconscious minds to release negative patterns we keep re-creating, as well as clear our channel from negative energies. I have written more about what kind of negative energies here.

2. Release your conscious and especially your subconscious mind blockages sabotaging your success in your soulful business

I was taking inspired action from a place of a high-level co-creation energy after having worked through my inner sh** extensively. Peeking off layers after layers of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, ancestral baggage, negative womb memories, and past life traumas and karma, I was ready to serve without sabotaging myself.

So many women would love to open up their own yoga, healing, or coaching business, or open a cafe, yet they don’t follow their dream and let their fears of the unknown or fears of not being able to run a business dictate their lives.

Many women treat their soulful business like an expensive hobby because they fail to address all the different ways and root causes of why they keep playing small.

3. Understand that the law of attraction isn’t enough to create a big impact

Many women in the spiritual circles love to focus on mindset work, visualising exercises, or creating vision boards. While all of these can be part of taking inspiring action, it’s by far not all that’s needed. 

In fact, by not taking inspired action that really propels their desire further, they might even block their carefully built-up co-creation energy.

There comes a time when the only way to keep building up high-level manifesting energy is to consistently take inspired action. By taking inspired action, you show the Universe (and the world) how serious you are about your desire, and the Universe will reward you for it. This is when the true magic begins.

Energy and mindset work is not enough. Strategy in the form of inspired action is essential.

I once worked with a female healer who was asking me why she barely had any clients coming to her and that her website wasn’t ranking as well anymore, for which she was blaming the Universe.

When I zoned into her energy, it was completely lethargic. She sold precious crystal stones and when I zoned into their energy, even the stones were lethargic. 

She was in a space of “Universe will provide anything I need without me doing my part”. Therefore she did nothing in order to attract clients or to improve her website so it would rank better again.

Her message from the Universe was that she needed to get out of lethargy and take inspired action, which in her case consisted of clearing her stones and sending out newsletters to her clients because I could see there were 2-3 ready to purchase from her.

She did as told and like foreseen, started to sell again.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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