Why healing ancestral traumas is essential for female entrepreneurs

a grandmother and female ancestor with epigentic traumas of depression she passed on to her granddaughter. She is holding an old family picture from a family album. The grandmother didn't know that ancestral trauma affects female entrepreneurs.

Why healing ancestral traumas is essential for female entrepreneurs

“There are four things our ancestors need from us: acknowledgment, validation, understanding, and forgiveness.” 

Steven D. Farmer, Healing Ancestral Karma

As female entrepreneurs with a soulful business, our energy (vibration) is our main asset. It’s our currency. Especially when we want to operate at a high level and create an impact with our services, our message, or our products.

I wish I could tell you you are free to co-create an impactful, profitable, and successful business without limitations. But that’s not the case. It certainly hasn’t been the case for me as I was carrying heavy ancestral traumas that were limiting me on so many levels, business being only one of them. I write further down in the blog about one of my own ancestral trauma case studies.

The study of epigenetics has proven that we carry ancestral memories, traumas, and patterns from our parents and ancestors. Even when these stories stay hidden as secrets. The principle of “what I don’t know about doesn’t affect me” doesn’t work.

This is why I have developed my own system of helping women to access their subconscious minds. It’s where all this information is stored, and which we need to tap into in order to bring the relevant information into their awareness so it can get cleared.

But let’s dive into epigenetics first.

What is epigenetics and how does it affect female entrepreneurs?

Epigenetics is the study of factors that are passed down through generations. The studies have shown that diet and chemicals can cause epigenetic changes, but also that the traumas our ancestors have experienced can leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA.

Jewish people whose grandparents were chased or killed during the Holocaust. Chinese people whose grandparents lived through the ravages of the cultural revolution. Young immigrants from Africa whose parents survived massacres. Adults of every ethnicity who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents — all carry with them more than just memories. 

Their experiences never die but are passed on and become a part of us and our DNA. The same goes for your grandmother’s predisposition towards depression because of an abusive childhood.

When I guide ancestral healing sessions, it can get very emotional, depending on what happened in my client’s past. Frequently ancestors show up, in spirit form, for these events. They are always grateful when we alleviate from their pain. On top, they are very keen to see us alleviate ourselves from their traumas as well before they are ready to step into the light.

What are ancestral lines and what traumas do we hold for our ancestors?

We have four ancestral lines we need to investigate for any form of trauma or abuse. We have your mother’s maternal and paternal side and the same for your father’s side.

Here are some of the traumas I helped female entrepreneurs find in their lines:

Neglect, war memories and genocide, starvation and poverty, tragic deaths, accidents, murder, chronic and/or mental illnesses, abandonment and adoption, betrayal, physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse, abortion or miscarriages, infertility, addictions, suicide, heartache

From my own experience in my healing journey and also from working with many women on their ancestral lines, I know that history keeps repeating itself. Mothers in particular love working with me as they want to ensure that they don’t pass on any heavy traumas to their children.

Often when dealing with any of the above within families, we can trace it back many generations ago.

What are the effects of ancestral trauma on female entrepreneurs?

Many of my clients’ ancestors have war memories that were passed down the lines. One client knew her ancestors in Colombia had suffered when the Spanish invaded them. As a result, they had to give up everything they had built up for so long, leaving behind a booming business. 

This ancestral trauma instilled an immense subconscious mind aversion within my client towards building up a successful business. Her ancestor’s trauma of losing something successful was passed down as a warning not to do it as it’s not “worth it”. Clearing this from her energy meant she was free to create a successful business without being limited by the lower vibration she had held before.

Ancestors with a poverty mindset

Another client had ancestral lines with an extreme “poverty mindset”. As a result, she found it hard to build up a financially abundant business, as she was terrorised by fears of losing it all or not making enough money. She rarely had the courage to invest money into coaches or any other business investments out of fear that she would never make that money back. She was operating out of a lack of an abundance mindset and was blocking her growth as a female entrepreneur. Letting go of these ancestral traumas was the prerequisite to then working on her abundance mindset, which would enable her to co-create a financially sustainable business.

Bankruptcy in ancestral lines

Another client’s ancestors had repeatedly lost all their money or went bankrupt. We traced it back to both sides of her parent’s ancestors, having employed slaves or forced labourers in Nazi Germany. There was even more than ancestral healing required, as it also required the removal of this heavy karma from her ancestral lines. No one within that family would ever have been able to have a successful business.

My own story of ancestral trauma I needed to clear

I was working on myself, trying to figure out some of the root causes for my low abundance energy. Ancestral traumas were just one area of many others I needed to clear, which is true for most women I work with.

I found a block in my ancestral lines from my mother’s paternal line from 3 generations ago. It came from my Brazilian great-grandfather. I knew nothing about him. At the time of researching this, I was living in Bali for two months in a traditional Balinese family compound. 

While giving birth to a baby boy, my landlady, Kadek, tragically died, leaving behind her baby boy and a 10-year-old daughter, Elin.

 I attended the funeral and went through the whole grief with the entire family. The baby boy had been in critical condition and had had some seizures or epileptic-like attacks.

In one of my meditations, my spirit guide urged me to ask my mother about my Brazilian great-grandfather. Turns out, my mother lost her father when she was 10 years old too, through a tragic accident. Her grandfather knew his son had died before anyone told him. 

My mother’s grandmother, just like Kadek, died during childbirth. She also had suffered from epilepsy, as did the daughter who was born and thankfully survived. 

My mother also told me that my grandfather, on top of all this trauma, had been very “unlucky” with business and had three bankruptcies. 

The events were overwhelmingly similar to the ones I had witnessed in Bali. Spirit has guided me there to witness all of this to heal these tragic memories from my ancestral lines. All of this was influencing my vibration and my ability to co-create an abundant business.

If you suspect you are carrying ancestral traumas that are limiting your success as a female entrepreneur and would like to investigate further, I have a powerful group program you will love. In 6 weeks, we will go through 6 different modules geared toward finding energetic blockages in the way of you co-creating a successful business. These modules include finding and healing:

Ancestral traumas

Past lives & karma

Negative pre-conception, womb & birth memories

Repressed emotions

Limiting beliefs & Fears

Energetic cords to the negative parts of the collective field

You can request to be on the waitlist to receive more information about it once I launch it again here.

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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