5 reasons your crown chakra might be blocked & why you need it fully activated as a female soulpreneur

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Are you a female soulpreneur? I have worked with a variety of people as a healer. Hence, I know that having a fully operational crown chakra is essential for everyone.

However, being a creative woman with a soulful business, I know that I, much more than the average person, rely on high-level guidance and inspiration that flows into me whenever I need it.

I wouldn’t have been able to start my healing & coaching business and make it work immediately without receiving divine guidance. 

I wouldn’t have been able to channel the right courses and programs for my business. 

And I certainly wouldn’t have been able to write and publish my two books: “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Create The Life You Desire” & my poetry collection: “When A Wild Woman Rises”.

Having worked with many female soulpreneurs, such as healers, coaches, creatives, and writers, I quickly learned they need to operate from a higher frequency. Especially, when wanting to create a bigger impact in this world with their service, art, or message. 

There are 3 reasons the crown chakra (channel) is so important for a female soulpreneur, healer, channel, or creative:

1. Access to higher-level inspiration, guidance, and creativity

As female soulpreneur, we need to learn how to channel and implement high-level guidance and inspiration versus following our ego-mind. We need to stay away from repeating old, negative patterns coming from our subconscious minds. However, this is only possible if we learn to distinguish what is high-frequency guidance and what it looks like when we follow our ego and go down the rabbit hole.

2. An open crown chakra increases our co-creation & manifesting power as female soulpreneurs

Step 1 in my book “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Create The Life You Desire” is called “Receiving Aligned Inspiration” which is the very first essential step when wanting to co-create something meaningful in our lives, such as manifesting an impactful and profitable business.

As female soulpreneur our crown chakra is our divine channel and the gate in order to co-create with our Higher Self and the Universe. (Or whatever you call that higher power). We are not here to manifest alone. It’s a dance between us and the Universe. In order to dance together, we need to be connected via our crown chakras.

3. We are less prone to develop depression or other mood disorders

On top, it’s less likely to suffer from mental fogginess, frequent migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, or mental confusion. Night terrors have been attributed to a blocked crown chakra as well. We are less judgmental about ourselves and others.

Female Soulpreneur Crown Chakra Affirmation

I am a divine soul on a sacred path towards wholeness. I come from Source and I return to it, and in-between I realise how inter-connected we all are. I believe in oneness, and yet I give my own unique contribution to this oneness. I am an essential piece of the puzzle, always enriching the Universal flow. I am infinite and boundless.

Lais Stephan

What are the 5 main reasons your crown chakra might be blocked or not activated to its highest potential and why it’s important for a female soulpreneur

1. Ancestors influencing your energy and decisions 

I have witnessed many cases where a female soulpreneur came to me for healing and guidance because her business wasn’t going anywhere. Even though she had been working so hard to make it work.

Sometimes I find ancestors who are hanging around in spirit form. When I check what kind of energy is surrounding a client. I.e. Ancestors who haven’t stepped into the light yet. This can create havoc in someone’s life. 

I had one client in a group course, who, when we did the exercise to find out if they had ancestors interfering, found out her grandmother had been with her ever since she had been to the hospital a few years prior. 

As she told us this story, another group member suddenly screams “ouch”. That woman was a medium and could sense spirits. She told us that the grandmother had just popped over and head-banged her. That she felt pressure on her head now. 

The other woman couldn’t believe it. She shared that her grandmother (an Italian resolute woman when alive) was always smacking people, too. She believed her grandmother felt uneasy because she knew part of the course was to release ancestors and send them to the light, yet she wasn’t prepared to leave yet.

Indeed, that woman needed longer than the others to send her grandmother to the light. But once she managed, she felt so much lighter. A few days later, she shared that since then she had been feeling far more creative and inspired. She had channeled a whole new program, all-around creativity, and was already taking action steps to launch it.

I have also witnessed many ancestors being unhappy about someone’s love life. They love to interfere in their choice of person they are dating or want to date.

The reason the crown chakra gets affected is that we channel these ancestors. That means we receive their advice on an intuitive level and might take action based on that advice. Of course, we don’t know where it’s coming from and think it’s our own idea. 

2. Earthbound spirits influencing your mood and energy

It’s much the same as above, the only difference being that you have no connection to these spirits. These might be spirits that were living in your home before you moved in, or who followed you back home from somewhere. This happens very frequently. 

Especially in my role as a remote space clearing expert, I get to remove spirits from people’s homes all the time. You can find out more about my spirit removal and space clearing offers here

Just like with the ancestors, these spirits need our compassion and help to be sent to the light.

3. Imposter spirit guides fooling you

Sometimes I worked with female healers or channelers who thought they were channeling a certain higher being. Archangel Raphael for example. But when I zoned into my client’s energy field, I retrieved the information that she had been channeling an “imposter guide” for some time. That she had been channeling Archangel Raphael for several years. I even got the exact year he appeared the first time and my client confirmed that this was when she had worked with him. But once he left, the imposter guide took over.

I was told he had left when she was supposed to work more with her Higher Self’s energy and channel that versus other spirit guides. That her Higher Self was powerful beyond what words could describe it. This was a female healer in her fifties and so had accumulated a vast amount of wisdom by now.

I removed the imposter guide and my client started to develop a better relationship with her Higher Self.

4. Limiting beliefs and fears lowers the co-creation vibration you need as a female soulpreneur

When working with clients on finding their negative subconscious mind beliefs and fears, it always surprised them to see how many there were on top of the conscious ones. Or sometimes they thought they had released a negative belief, but it was still deeply anchored within their subconscious mind, lowering their manifesting abilities.

It’s often not enough to repeat positive affirmations to reprogram the brain or to “just think positive thoughts” instead. The original root cause or trauma of that thought needs to be found and released. That energy is otherwise still stuck in your energy system. This will be reducing your crown chakra’s ability to channel beautiful and useful information.

5. Cords to the negative parts of a collective field needing to be cut

As female soulpreneur, we work with our souls. We are empaths, heart-centered beings, and deeply care about this world. Mother Earth, animal rights, and climate change are important to us. We are involved in “Black Lives Matter” or are fierce advocates for women’s rights. Some more than others, of course. But it’s safe to say that each one of us has a soft spot for some injustice that’s going on.

Especially when working with female business owners who care so deeply about a certain cause, I found energetic cords linking them to some negative part of the corresponding collective field. 

For instance, I was working with a woman and found a cord linking her to the field of abortion. As I told her this, she confirmed that a) she had had an abortion herself and b) was horrified to read about what was happening in the US currently. She had read about their anti-abortion movement and changes of the laws around it.

How does this affect us in our business? When we are linked to such a tense and negative field 24/7, it lowers our energy and our vibration. We need to learn to care about causes AND to remember to cut these energetic cords right after we read the news or do advocacy work. Our work and involvement are not the problems, but our inability to switch off that energy once we are done, is.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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