How to manifest more clients in your heart-centered business

How to manifest more clients in your heart-centered business. A life coach with a white jumper, brown hair manifesting more clients in her coaching business

Hello sparkly impact makers, today I’ll be writing about how to manifest more clients. This time it has nothing to do with the regular way people think about manifesting. Such as the visualising part, the believing part, or the “create a vision board” part.

Today is all about vibration because that’s what the law of attraction is about. You need to be energetically aligned with what it is you wish to manifest, including having clients in your business.

I will shine a light on one of the six areas I always check when working with female business owners wanting to manifest more success, impact, or clients.

Negative pre-conception, womb & birth memories

So, what are these, and how does releasing them help you manifest more clients in your business?

“We believe that the human fetus is an active participant in its own development and is collecting information for life after birth. It’s preparing for life based on messages the mom is providing.”

Curt A. Sandman (researcher at the University of California-Irvine)

Some of your root fears and limiting beliefs can come from a time you were not even born yet. Because you don’t remember these times, these traumas or fears stay as an energetic blockage within your system. That, in turn, limit your ability to manifest a successful business.

Learning how to identify and release these primordial fears you already held on a soul level before even incarnating here on Earth is one of the most powerful things to do to raise your vibration. Becoming aware of your traumatic pre-conception, conception, womb, and birth memories helps most women to feel much lighter.  

When I help women tap into these subconscious mind blockages, I help them identify and clear their energetic household from lower frequency emotions and thoughts. Let’s have a look at what typically comes up.

  • “I felt unwanted/an accident.”
  • “I felt unloved.”
  • “I felt like a burden.”
  • “I will be born into a karmic, dysfunctional family.”
  • “I wasn’t what my parents had hoped me to be.”
  • “I felt abandoned after birth and put into an incubator.”
  • “My mum wanted to have an abortion, or had been pressured to have one.”
  • “I knew I would be adopted once I was born.”
  • “I didn’t want to be born.”
  • “I was scared of being born.”
  • “I had a traumatic/complicated birth, I nearly died.”
  • “I had a twin who didn’t make it.”
  • “My mother ingested toxic substances.”
  • “I felt my mum’s stress levels.”
  • “I felt my mum’s depression.”
  • “My parents separated while my mum was pregnant.”

Pre-Conception Memories

Going through these experiences and shining a bright light on our “pre-conception memories” is very healing. 

In my case, when I did this exercise with an amazing Hypnotherapist, I went back to three months before conception. I was only a soul but knew they would conceive soon me. As souls, we choose our parents and family units based on what lessons we wish to learn in that lifetime. The more dysfunctional our family is, the more lessons we have to learn. And thus, the more we will grow because of it. The truth is, I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t chosen this family.

I cried deeply there and then because my beautiful mum was about to enter a very heavy and karmic relationship with my father that would last for a long time.

It was part of my lesson in this life to grow up in an unstable and dysfunctional family.

I knew what would happen, and I felt sorry for my mum. Once I was born, still under hypnosis, I felt my father would have preferred a boy. It made me so angry. 

My mum later confirmed that the doctor had told them I would be a boy. So when my mum gave birth to a girl, it was a big surprise for everyone.

I worked with many women who went back to a pre-conception memory and relived their fears of having to incarnate into an unstable family. Some feared they wouldn’t be loved. Or, as in my case, they already felt unwanted or judged for their gender before being born.

I had a client who saw herself as a soul. She felt deeply she didn’t want to be born on this planet. nor into that family. When she came out of the meditation, she told me she always felt like a stranger or an outsider. She never feeling she belonged anywhere. As such, she never felt she belonged in any of her jobs or found it difficult to start her business, as she also felt this didn’t belong to her.

How these unhealed memories lower your capacity to manifest more clients in your business

“Great, Lais, but how does that affect my business?” I hear you asking (rightfully so).

Having these charged fears embedded within us already before we are born means we will carry the vibration of that fear until we are able to release it. Depending on which of the above-mentioned fears you are carrying can affect your business in different ways.

For example, fearing being born into a loveless or dysfunctional family unit can manifest as a person growing up feeling very insecure, unstable, with problems to attach to people, or romantic others in a healthy way. They can be too clingy and needy, or the opposite: too detached and unable to commit long-term.

It shows up in business the same way. Some women don’t know it, but they come across as too intense and in need of validation or acknowledgment in their business or on social media. They validate themselves through the likes or the number of clients signing up.

For me, my subconscious memories of not being who my father would have preferred me to be, manifested as the root cause for my imposter syndrome in my business. 

How fear of commitment can sabotage you from manifesting more clients

Or the opposite: they might fear a deep commitment to work with clients, customers, or employees long-term. As a result, they might never walk away from offering “one-off” sessions versus transformative packages if service-based, hire a team to grow their business, or even just hire a virtual assistant. They never dare to commit to anyone and feel like they are alone in their business.

Especially when deep embedded negative emotions are stored in your subconscious mind, such as knowing your parents didn’t originally want you or that your mother was pressured to have an abortion, might play itself out as always feeling unwanted. The not having enough clients scenario might therefore trigger such women much more so, than a woman who grew up without these root traumas or fears.

Of course, every woman has a right to choose what she wants to do when pregnant by accident. I’m not writing this (at all!) to vilify women who ever thought about having an abortion. 

My intention is to shine a light on the fact that we as souls, even before conception, already know what’s going on. We chose it. So it’s not about blaming our parents. However, in physical 3D reality, being born into this is a very different story. Knowing beforehand doesn’t make things easier once we are born. 🙂 I speak from my own experience.

Your clients are intuitive, some might feel “repelled” by this anti-commitment or clingy energy. Alternatively, many women I worked with attracted the same kind of clients: either non-committal or too needy, taking up all of their time and energy.

Negative womb memories

I worked with a woman and through a guided visualisation regressed her back when she was in her mother’s womb. She cried and told me she felt so much of her mother’s sadness, and that she didn’t want to be there. Her mother had become pregnant when she was very young and was left by her partner during pregnancy.

It was surprising to her to see that she was still carrying so much sadness inside of her because she didn’t know how much unborn babies already feel about their parent’s emotional states. 

Another client found out that she had a twin that didn’t survive. It happens a lot that one twin will die before being detected, so many women will never know they originally were pregnant with twins.

Yet another one found out she had a twin sister who had also not made it during pregnancy and since then became her spirit guide.

How negative womb memories can affect your ability to manifest more clients

The first case study of the woman who carried her mum’s sadness as her own her entire life shows how your vibration gets altered and lowered by what your mother was feeling or working through during pregnancy. Again, this is not about vilifying mothers and their emotional states during pregnancy. Pregnancy is difficult as it is, let alone when a mother is feeling very vulnerable because of whatever life’s circumstances.

Carrying someone’s negative emotions lowers your vibration because a) it’s not yours to carry and b) you feel burdened and don’t even know consciously why.

A lowered vibration makes manifesting more clients more difficult. Therefore, depending on what emotions you are carrying, you might attract clients with the same unresolved emotions, thus feeding your vibration with more of the same.

On top, in the example of the father who abandoned his family, the fear of abandonment showed up big in her business. She constantly feared losing clients or income and, as many of you might be aware: it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We manifest our fears into existence. 

This client would easily lose clients who would sign up and then cancel again, or who would ghost her.

Every case is unique, of course, and every fear can manifest differently for every person.

Negative birth-memories

Negative birth memories can traumatise a baby, especially if they were born prematurely and put into an incubator for days or weeks, separated from their mother.

It can also have been a very stressful birth with complications, such as when the umbilical cord strangled the baby during birth, or when it was an intense C-section.

Especially the fact of being separated from the mother for a longer period can traumatise a baby. One of my clients had seen herself inside an incubator, even though her mother had always insisted this hadn’t happened. When she felt it through hypnosis, however, her mother confessed that she had been inside an incubator for a few days.

Another client was diagnosed with borderline disorder by her psychiatrist and found out that the root cause was that the hospital had put her into an incubator. As a result, she grew into a very anxious woman with severe abandonment issues.

This caused havoc in her romantic relationships, as well as in her business.

How negative birth memories can affect your ability to manifest more clients

These deep-rooted beliefs, fears, or experiences can cause havoc in your life and business. You might continue to repeat patterns, creating more situations where you feel “unloved, unwelcome or like a burden”. Or you might go through life always fearing abandonment. You might experience it again and again in different forms. 

Abandonment traumas might show up in your business as being fearful of clients not committing to you or being ghosted. Of course, it can manifest differently for different people.

How to identify and release these subconscious mind memories so you can manifest more clients in your service-based business

1) Look for a hypnotherapist you trust, either locally or online, who can help you tap into these memories in a gentle and healing way. 

I, for example, offer this as part of my 1on1 intensive package “Heal Your Past”. I assist women to dive into other past traumas too, such as

2) Sign up for the waiting list to be the first to hear about my new “Abundance Accelerator” online group program where you’ll work on all of the above.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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