5 Steps To Manifest Your Biz Bestie As A Female Solopreneur

5 tips on how to manifest a biz bestie as a female solopreneur

Manifesting my Biz Bestie has been one of my highlights this year. 🙂

Ever since I quit corporate back in 2010, went soul-searching thereafter until I “found myself” in 2011 and opened up my healing & coaching business in 2012, life hasn’t been the same. It’s become bigger, better, grander, but also more lonely, terrifying, and unpredictable.

I am sure you’ll be able to relate to this as a female solopreneur.

I love my business, my client work, and above all, I loooove working from home. It fits so well with my hermity, introverted vibes, working in lounge pants and fluffy socks, and starting my days with long journaling sessions or time to get some inspired writing done (just like now). 

I definitely don’t miss the hectic days back in corporate where I had to rush through my morning, suffer through crowded public transport and many grumpy faces, to then sit in an open space office all day long.

What I do miss, though, are the coffee breaks (of which I had an unreasonable amount of), and my many conversations with fellow corporate misfits.

Once you become a solopreneur life can feel lonely.

My business was local at first: I had an office space in Geneva. Very quickly I realised that I was missing like-minded colleagues and so I created a FB group called “The Wellness Fairies” with a fellow friend. We organised beautiful coffee meetups where we would chat, network, or hang out. Sometimes co-work.

However, my dream had always been to have a location-independent lifestyle. To work and travel. To have “workations” – I.e. To live where others spend a week or two on their holidays. So I manifested everything that I needed to make this a reality.

1. A partner to do this with because I already had extensively traveled the world alone and had lived in different parts of the world,. My next step was to share this with my significant other. My partner came a few days after I journaled about what kind of man I would want to meet and be with.

2. A business that worked from the very first month as an online business.

3. The financial abundance that would allow me to travel and live in beautiful places.

Making a request to the Universe to bring you your biz bestie

Recently, though, I really missed access to like-minded female entrepreneurs and made it my biggest manifesting request to the Universe. After setting my intention, everything just flowed beautifully in exactly the direction I needed it to flow.

I found and joined FEA (female entrepreneur association) and participated in networking events and found a woman who was offering co-working sessions for which I signed up.

In our very first session, we introduced ourselves and had to laugh because the synchronicity of it all amazed us.

– We are both Germans but lived abroad a lot and both have strong South-American roots (I was born in Brazil, and her grandparents had emigrated to Brazil, even to the same state I was born in – Parana).

– We are both born in the same year and the same stubborn star sign (Aries), and have 5 planets in retrograde in our birth chart (super rare).

– We have almost the same kind of business: teaching women how to co-create (aka manifest) the life and business they dream about having with a heavy focus on taking inspired action versus just creating vision boards and visualising stuff.

– We both have written books: Me “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and she a beautiful “manifestaction” planner in German.

– We both had signed up for another course called Business by Design and loved it.

– We are both at the same “vibe” of wanting to expand our business.

– We were both desperate for accountability and so on top of co-working, we are each other’s accountability buddies, which is working like a charm.

We couldn’t believe the similarities and how amazing the Universe is in bringing like-minded people together based on their energy and vibration. It’s like I couldn’t have met a better match.

Give the Universe a timeframe and believe it can happen fast

I always manifest the same way: I.e. I hate “dating around” – that was true in my romantic life in that I find having to date multiple men to find “the one” deeply discomforting. I always told the Universe to bring me the one right away. This chick has no time for the modern-day bullshit that dating has become. I signed up on a dating website. I received lots of messages but being the intuitive woman that I am, I could read the energy between the lines and didn’t meet anyone until 1-2 weeks later, a man wrote to me and I knew I had to meet him. He flew to Geneva twice to meet me (he was living in Germany) and that one man became my partner. No dating around. But taking inspired action from a place of knowing. 

Same with finding a biz bestie. I didn’t feel like dating around multiple business women – lol – and so the Universe sent me Verena right away.

And the same can hold true for you.

So, without further ado, here are my 5 tips to manifest your biz bestie:

1. Set your intention

Be clear and very intentional in terms of what you need: do you want someone to bitch about the industry and get together for a nice time? Do you want to talk about all things business? Do you need accountability? Co-working? Should she be in the same industry and niche? Should she be at your same level or can she be a newbie or further ahead of you? Being intentional matters.

2. Location

Where will you find her? Are you looking for someone locally? What are the local groups you could join? Is it online? Same thing: what groups or associations can you join to find your soulmate biz bestie?

3. The Universe operates in terms of vibration

Take care of your energy, your mindset, and your integrity. Be in alignment with whom you are, be in alignment with your path and your offering. There is nothing more difficult than feeling all lost and overwhelmed and manifesting a biz bestie with the same or similar energy. Two souls, being confused and misaligned, will not get far together.

So my tip, really, would be to feel like you are on the right path, and have the energy to move forward with your business. It’s not fair for your bestie to be constantly ghosted because you don’t feel well or have other priorities to deal with.

4. Call her in

Once you are clear, call her. 🙂 Use any tool that works for you. If you love visualising it do a little meditation. Prefer journaling? Do that. If it’s a little vision board, create one on Pinterest.

5. Take inspired action

Last, but not least, your visualisation powers won’t do you any good if you don’t take the necessary inspired action. As per step 2 when you got clear on where you will find her, make it happen. If it’s local, go and attend the events and networking sessions you determined would be best. If online, go hang out in those groups. Create your own “Searching for a biz bestie” post if you don’t find anything fitting or, like I did, sign up for a co-working session and get surprised by the magic that will unfold.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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