My key tip to understand your relationships through a past life reading

My key tip to understand your relationships through a past life reading

I decided to write a little case study about my past life reading service. Of course, every case is unique, but you will get a clearer picture of what’s available to you. 

As a past life regression therapist, I regress women into their past lives through a guided visualisation. However sometimes clients prefer for me to see their past lives instead. Be it because they don’t trust themselves or their visions. Be it because they fear not retrieving all the info they need.

Amber came to me for a past life reading and overall psychic guidance. She wanted to:

  • explore her relationship with her 21-year-old daughter. There had been some difficulties, and she wanted to know how she could work on herself to improve this relationship.
  • explore a new relationship with a man, Thomas. She felt a deep soul connection with him and wanted to know whether there was anything in her way to make this a good relationship.
  • understand her fear around lack of financial abundance.
  • get clearer on her gifts and talents and her life’s mission.

Past life reading for a karmic relationship between mother and daughter

We started with her relationship with her daughter which had some karmic elements to it. As I zoned into Amber’s energy, I saw flashes of many past lives for both of them. In all of them, Amber had been a strong psychic or a healer. In one of these past lives, she assisted one of the royal families in the UK with her psychic insights. 

Her daughter had been her daughter in many of these lives too but never approved of what her mother did for a living. It scared her deeply.

In one of these past lives, the daughter was a friend and Amber was a midwife. She was helping her to give birth to a baby. Unfortunately, the baby was stillborn and the friend (daughter in this life) kept resentment towards Amber even in this life, even though it hadn’t been her fault the baby had died.

The guidance that came through for Amber was to use Ho Opponopono. This is a powerful Hawaiian Prayer, to heal these past life traumas for herself and her daughter. Amber confirmed that even in this life her daughter was afraid of everything spiritual even though she was highly gifted. She was able to see people’s energy, could communicate with animals and used to see spirits too.

Past life reading combining ancestral healing

I helped heal these past lives and also Amber’s existing ancestral lines in this life. from the loss of babies as this could affect her daughter once she wishes to conceive a child. Amber confirmed she also had had a miscarriage and so might have had her female ancestors. Sometimes, when we have past lives with a certain theme, they can re-occur in our ancestral lines. As souls, we sometimes explore one theme for many lifetimes. This is why I love being able to facilitate healing for past lives and ancestral lines at the same time.

I also saw Amber’s daughter was exploring moving away from home and becoming independent soon and encouraged her to keep going with that, and that once she had left her family home, and started to live life more independently, the relationship would improve by itself. Amber confirmed that this is exactly what her daughter was exploring at the moment. It was time to literally cut energetic ties with her daughter and let her live her life once she would move out. 

Past life reading for romantic relationships

Then I worked on channeled guidance about her boyfriend, Thomas. The very first image I had of him was of him being out in Space, looking down on planet Earth, feeling like it was a miracle to have this planet as a home. But also a huge responsibility toward this planet. I sensed he was a very old soul. As I relayed this to Amber, she nodded her head and explained:

“He astral travels at night a lot and remembers his dreams. Oftentimes he travels and looks down on Earth.”

I then saw past lives of them happily together in Greece, with 3 kids, though one didn’t make it because of illness.

I received information that in this life they came together as a sacred union, and he was here to assist her in her spiritual growth. He was there to help her remember who she truly is, and more than that, to embody who she fully is. I saw he was wondering about moving in together and Amber confirmed they had been talking about it.

She asked me if I saw any travels for them. I received an image of a tiny mobile home and both of them traveling. She confirmed that this is exactly what they had been talking about: building a tiny home and travel. So I told her that her guides confirmed her vision and that she was co-creating it with him already into reality and encouraged her to keep visualising it.

Past life reading for your talents and gifts

Past lives can give a huge insight into existing talents and gifts that might have been laying dormant. Other times we are already practicing exactly what we were good at many lifetimes ago.

As for Amber’s talents and gift it got clear that it would have to do with psychic work and being a healer. She got excited to start on that path again and to remember all her gifts. I knew the fear of lack of abundance she had was because of these past lives where she either didn’t charge at all for her gifts or only small amounts. In this life, she is worthy of divine compensation, and that financial abundance is her birthright. I also felt she would teach others to develop their psychic and healing gifts and that she could have a massive impact with that.

Suddenly, at 16:22 pm our computers froze and we couldn’t see each other anymore. My guides told me to take this number, 1622, and to look up the spiritual message about it. I have a website I use and it was all around financial abundance and positive affirmations and encouraging her to pursue this path.

The Universe definitely has a sense of humour and knows how to get our attention to convey important messages. 🙂

Past lives and archetypal messages

I also received information on her ex-husband. My guides showed me she had the “Lover’s Archetype” in this life: meaning LOVE would play a central role for her, and she would move back and forth on this spectrum in her life, but moving ever closer to DIVINE LOVE. Her ex-husband showed her what it felt like when she moved backward and away from love. Whereas her new boyfriend will help her move forward and to make a quantum jump toward DIVINE LOVE. 

I love getting messages about people’s archetypes as it’s an amazing tool to understand their shadow self and their strengths and talents.

The Lover’s Archetype asks us to work on self-love. People learn what sacrificing themselves does to them, and what happens when they give too much of themselves and are not able to receive anything in return. The Lover’s Archetype will test your faith in yourself and the Universe, again and again, bringing with it opportunities to build on your faith and relationship with the Divine. 

This archetype also requests you to examine your life and to make sure you LOVE what you have created for yourself. The Lover’s Archetype, much more than any other, really needs to LOVE life and every element you created for yourself. Finding your true life mission is pivotal if you embody the Lover’s Archetype, as working in any other field that sucks your energy will leave you even more depressed and depleted than the other archetypes. Ultimately, the Lover’s archetype is your journey towards remembering that you are DIVINE LOVE and your gifts and talents are to share that love with the rest of the world.

How you should feel after a past life reading

You should definitely feel like you have a lot of clarity on the theme or themes you wanted to explore. You should feel lighter and more grounded.

At the end of the session, Amber received all the guidance she needed to move forward confidently. She was empowered to make the changes she needed to co-create her future with the Universe and her boyfriend Thomas. She knew what to address, heal, release and what to work on creating the reality she wished to live.

I loved working with her, as she had this aura of an old and wise soul and I see her being very successful and happy in her future.

Would you like to book a past life reading with me that also entails general psychic guidance with me? 

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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