Find & Release 10 Abundance Blocks in Your Business

find & release 10 abundance blocks in your business

Welcome gorgeous,

If you’re here I assume you’re a female business owner ready to find and release some of those sneaky abundance blocks. Or maybe you haven’t started your business yet out of fear (I don’t know all the steps, I’m afraid to quit my 9-5 and my secure paycheck) and might find out what is blocking you subconsciously to start that dream business of yours.

So, what exactly are abundance blocks and how do we find them?

As a Healer with over a decade of experience, I have accumulated some wisdom about this topic. Be to for the female business owners I have been working with, be it in my own business. Abundance blocks can originate from many different sources such as:

All of this is hugely important to look into and identify what it is you are holding on to or carrying within your energetic system. (You can click on each item btw to read more about each).

Then there are negative influences in your environment such as ancestors in spirit form interfering with our internal guidance and our energy frequency, as well as spirits in general. As a Space Clearing Expert, I remove spirits from people’s homes all the time and most of them can feel how the energy shifts once they are gone. How we feel at home, especially when we work from home, is essential in running an abundant business.

Needless to say, there is a lot that is going on that can block our abundance.

How to find abundance blocks in your business?

I love working with a tool or method that is quick and efficient in terms of accessing your subconscious mind. That’s the part of you that knows all the answers. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what abundance blocks you are holding on to. There is no need for hypnosis or even meditation to access your subconscious mind. I use a method in my masterclass that will help you to find the EXACT ABUNDANCE BLOCKS preventing you from accessing more abundance in your business or life in general.

How to release abundance blocks in your business?

Releasing abundance blocks doesn’t need to be a long or arduous process at all. The way I help female business owners release them is:

  1. through their intention. Your intention is beyond powerful. Once you are crystal clear on what your abundance blocks are you get to DECIDE that you are ready to release them, one by one.
  2. through a powerful guided visualisation. On top, I recorded a meditation that will take you through your clearing process.
  3. trusting your innate healing abilities. Yes, you might not identify as a healer, but let me assure you: we are all powerful healers and can activate our self-healing capacity at any time and that includes releasing your abundance blocks

How the masterclass works

Easy. Just bring something to write, get yourself comfortable and follow the video below step by step. It’s around 1h long. You do want to find a time when you are not disturbed by anyone or phone calls. So switch off your phone and you’re ready to start.

Once it’s over you can take some additional time to journal about your many findings, the aha moments, or surprises.

How can I work with you in case I enjoy the masterclass?

Easy. This masterclass is part of my 6-week Abundance Accelerator Group Program where we focus on finding even more abundance blocks in your business. You can sign up to be on the waiting list here so you’re among the first to know when it launches next.

Or you can contact me to enquire about my 1on1 programs or other group programs.

You can also sign up for my FREE 4-Day Manifest more impact, profit & success in your Business here.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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