The point of power is always in the present moment.

Louis L. H.

This is an absolutely beautiful and magical journey to improve your relationship with yourself, other people, and to learn how to connect to the divine, the Universe, your spirit guides and your higher self.

This will bring you to the next level, as you will increase your intuitive and psychic skills and will be able to retrieve guidance for all your important questions by accessing your higher self and/or your spirit guides.

Every woman I have worked with so far had the ability to connect to this divine part inside of herself, and her guides. This is not just reserved for the “psychics” out there, as we are all psychic when we unblock ourselves and learn easy to implement techniques to open up our intuitive channels.

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Get into a higher level of awareness

This is so important, as whatever happens in our present life will determine what happens to us in the future.

All our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions create our future. What you are doing and how you are feeling right now will determine everything you are attracting right now into your future.

How do we get to be in a higher state, or how do we operate from a higher consciousness level? There are many practices that will help you to get away from lower frequency thoughts and behaviours, and into a higher level of awareness.

I have looked at the most important factors that bring us to a higher state of awareness. We will measure how you are doing on each of these factors to give you a blueprint to work on in your daily life. This will empower you to look for where you score low and to make sure you work on that factor or factors that are lowering your vibrations.

We will work on:

  • We will look at many different areas in your life and how you score with your behaviours.
  • We will look at gratitude, forgiveness, releasing victim mentality, lack mentality, balancing your receiving and giving channels, embracing change, welcoming synergies and collaboration,


Learn how to do Space Clearing

  • Learn how to remove negative energy from your living and working spaces.  I will teach how to clear your spaces with my powerful space clearing techniques.
  • This is so important as we only operate our best, when we are grounded in a positive space, where we feel inspired.

Learn how to heal yourself and others

  • Learn about the chakras and how to keep these balanced

Improve your relationships

  • Learn how to check for imbalances and energetic blockages in relationships via the chakras.
  • Learn how to send healing to these imbalances to improve your relationships and understand what’s lacking in order to get to a better level of understanding, compassion and forgiveness

Learn how to determine success of projects/ideas

  • You will learn to determine the potential success of any given idea or project you are workin on.
  • You will be able to see how you can improve a project based on where the energy is missing.

Improve/Activate your psychic abilities

  • How to access your higher self and inner wisdom
  • How to communicate with the Universe/your guides
  • Use your intuition and psychic senses to get the answers you need in daily life.

You will leave this program with a clear blueprint on what your weaker areas are and will know exactly how to keep monitoring them and how to keep yourself at a higher level of consciousness and awareness going forward: which is essential if you want to make your goals and dreams a reality.

With the practices you will learn from me, you will walk away feeling more empowered to face your every day life. You will be able to take much better decisions. You will feel more guided and supported. You will know how to raise your frequency immediately to live a more mindful life in the present moment.

These sessions are extremely powerful and will take you to your next level. If you already have done some of this work before, you will get attuned to even higher energies and will be able to access more wisdom from within.

$1197 or 3 installments of $410

Do you live somewhere in Europe and can get a group of a minimum of 6 women together? I also do this as group workshops over a weekend. Ask me for details. You as host would get it free of charge then. 🙂

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