How to heal a karmic relationship with your mother

May 14, 2018

how to clear a karmic contract with your mother

In case you’re interested in exploring the karmic relationship you have with your own mother without having to invest hundreds of dollars for a 1:1 past life regression, I have something beautiful for you:

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What is past life regression and how can one retrieve past life information?

In this blog post, I will outline how to heal a karmic relationship with your mother through past life regression.

As a psychic healer and past life regression therapist, I’m always blown away by all the info we can retrieve from our soul’s memory when we embark on a past life regression.

You might ask yourself what a past life regression is, or whether there are other methods to retrieve this information. Let’s start with a past life regression.

Typically I conduct them online. My clients will be at home, feeling safe and secure. I will ask my clients what they wish to work on, understand better or heal. Oftentimes women come to me who want to understand more about their karmic relationships in general, be it romantic ones, be it with their mother or their father.

Sometimes they are keen on understanding what their past life gifts and talents were so they can see if that gives them a clue as to what their life purpose is in this life.

I also worked with women who wanted to understand the root cause of their panic attacks.

And many times I work with female entrepreneurs who want to understand their business karma, money karma, or karmic relationships with clients, partners, or investors.

I help my clients relax through a guided visualisation (a light hypnosis) until they are ready to see their first past life. I bring them back to three different past lives so they can work out a certain theme, heal karmic contracts, or understand their lessons in life on a deeper level.

These sessions are always deeply healing, as with the rise in awareness comes a lot of forgiveness for self and others.

Past life readings

Another way to retrieve past life information is by having me do a reading. As a psychic healer, I have been reading past lives for my clients for over a decade now. In this scenario, the client doesn’t have to do anything, other than allowing me to access their energy so I can retrieve this information for them. Once I retrieved all the information, I will take my client through all the details and the healing as well.

Both methods are equally powerful. 

You are reading this because most likely you are wondering if you can heal your karmic relationship with your mother. The case study below is just one of many examples I have. But it shows beautifully what is possible.

A case study about a daughter’s karmic relationship with her mother

I have been working with an amazing woman who came to me completely burned out. She loves writing but had been feeling blocked, and unable to write anything. On top, she wanted to heal the karmic relationship with her mother as she suspected that this was blocking her progress in life.

She went into a past life in France, in the 18th century, where she had been a rich girl. Feeling unloved by her mother and having a very abusive relationship with her stepdad, that was a very difficult life.

Because of all the struggles and suffering, she decided to end her life at age 16. When her soul exited the body I asked her higher self why she had chosen that life, and that difficult karmic relationship with her mother.

“Because I needed to learn how to let go of a loveless relationship.” She replied right away. She had access to her Higher Self during the hypnosis and so was retrieving high-level information for her healing and soul’s growth.

Her soul then chose yet another life (this life) for her with the same lesson again. She incarnated with a mother who couldn’t love her.

I asked her: “Why did you come back again with the same lesson?”
“Because I needed to learn about loveless relationships without ending my life.”

Why we have to come back when we haven’t learned a lesson

She learned why she had had so many suicidal thoughts also in this life, but that suicide wouldn’t be an option for her anymore. She understood that she would have to come back with the same lessons again. There was no way, she told me, that she would endure the same lesson one more life.  

From experience I also know that when we have karmic relationships, and find ourselves in toxic situations, again and again, more often than not we have been the abusers in a previous lifetime.

And that was exactly the case for her as well. I wanted to bring her to the root of this karmic relationship, and so she went into a past life where she saw herself as a father to a girl. The girl in that past life was her mother in this life. She saw how she hadn’t been a good parent and had been abusive.

At that moment her guides told me:

“She is ready to cut this karmic contract with the mother now so she can heal the karmic relationship with her mother.

I asked my client and she confirmed that she was ready. Her body heated up enormously. Suddenly her computer broke down and she was gone.

She came back a few minutes later laughing.

“This cutting of karmic contracts made my computer go off.”

That’s very common when working with high-level energy.

I checked into her energy, the karmic contract had been dissolved. She had a glow in her eyes and sparkles that I hadn’t seen in the last four weeks of working with her in my Heal Your Past program

Her entire energy had shifted.

She won’t need to come back to Earth to learn the lesson of a loveless relationship between her mother and herself.

Interested in finding out more about your past lives and healing your karmic contracts? 

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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