10 reasons why your property isn’t selling from a Space Clearing Expert

Feb 29, 2024

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Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new episode of Happy Home Space Clearing. Today, I want to dive into the intangible reasons why a property isn’t selling. While real estate agents focus on physical aspects like appearance and pricing, I want to discuss the energy and frequency of a property that can impact its sale.

Over the last decade, my mom and I have conducted space-clearing assessments and found ten main reasons why houses haven’t been selling. By addressing these reasons through space clearing, we have witnessed properties being sold. Let’s explore these reasons in detail on our podcast. You can also book yourself in for a free assessment: https://abundantchicks.com/remote-space-clearing

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10 common reasons why your property isn’t selling:

Reason 1 why your property isn’t selling: Low Frequency Energy

Properties with low energy frequencies, caused by past traumas, conflicts, or unfulfilled intentions, tend to create a less welcoming atmosphere. These energies, whether negative or positive, can be absorbed by the home, affecting potential buyers. Space clearing helps release these low frequencies, making the home feel lighter and more inviting.

Reason 2: High Frequency Energy

While spiritual or religious energies can be uplifting for some, they may not appeal to every buyer. Properties with high-frequency energies may attract buyers with similar spiritual or religious inclinations, but to sell the property to a wider audience, it is beneficial to neutralise and create a more balanced energy.

Reason 3: Lingering Spirits

Sometimes, your property isn’t selling because it may be occupied by spirits, including the original owners or those associated with the land’s history. These spirits can create an uneasy feeling for potential buyers. Space clearing helps remove these spirits and create a positive and welcoming environment.

Reason 4: Personal Karma

Karma related to money or property from past lives can unknowingly hinder the sale of a property. If you find repeated issues while selling properties or experiencing financial losses, there might be underlying money karma at play. Recognising and healing this karma can help remove the blockages and improve the chances of selling the property.

Reason 5: Trauma Energy in the Land

Land holds the energy of past traumas, wars, or conflicts that might have occurred on it. Such energies can impact the frequency of a property and become a deterrent for potential buyers. Land clearing or healing can help shift the energy and make the property more appealing.

Reason 6: Emotional Attachments

Properties with significant emotional attachments, such as long-term residences or homes with cherished memories, can create energetic cords that bind the owners to the property. These attachments may subconsciously be felt by potential buyers, making them hesitate to purchase. Cutting these cords through a ceremony can facilitate the sale of the property.

Reason 7: Black Magic

In some cultures, the practice of black magic can negatively affect individuals and their homes. The energy of black magic can manifest as health issues, financial troubles, or general misfortune. Potential buyers will intuitively sense this negative energy and be deterred from purchasing the property. Remedies such as energy clearing or protection rituals may be necessary.

Reason 8: The Evil Eye

The evil eye is a belief that someone’s negative energy or jealousy can bring bad luck or misfortune. When targeted at a property, this negative energy can affect the sale. The energy of envy and ill wishes can be felt by potential buyers, leading them to choose a different property.

Reason 9: Haunted Objects

Properties may contain haunted objects that carry spirits or attachments. Whether these objects are second-hand or newly purchased, they can introduce unwanted energies into the home. Potential buyers can intuitively sense these haunting energies and decide against purchasing the property until the issue is resolved.

Reason 10: Vortexes, Ley Lines & Geopathic stress

Properties built on vortexes or ley lines, which are energy lines that intersect, may have a unique energy that not all buyers resonate with. While some individuals may prefer these higher spiritual energies, others may be deterred.

Of course every property is unique and every seller is unique. To get a better understanding as to why you property isn’t selling, book yourself in for your free assessment here: https://abundantchicks.com/remote-space-clearing

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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