I wanted to share an astonishing little case study. I worked with a woman who had asked me to look into her health for her.

As I connected to her energy, her sacral chakra stood out. The message I received was that there were numerous past life memories resurfacing where she had died because of illnesses or diseases.

One of them was in the middle ages, in a rat infested place, where she died from the symptoms of the pest and also lost her family members because of it.

I explained to her, that most likely this past life was making her feel unwell around sacral chakra and that it would be beneficial for her to clear all her past lives related to illness.

When she provided feedback, I couldn’t believe it: She said the past few days she had been dreaming about lots of rats and had a pain in her tummy.

On top, her mother had died recently.

Then it was clear to me what happened: the death of her mother had propelled these past life memories to resurface where she lost family members because of illness.