Remote Space Clearing (Cleansing for your home)

by Lais Stephan & Heloisa Stephan, Space Clearing Experts

Feel Like It’s Time to Clear the Energy in your Space?

You might have been feeling unwell for a while now in your space. Maybe you went through a lot of stress, tension, illness or just through a big transformation and the energy in your space doesn’t match your new self anymore. Or you are just about to move to a new space and want to ensure you have a perfect start.

A remote space clearing for your home might be just what you need.


What is remote Space Clearing?

It's as essential as physical cleaning

Space clearing is the Feng Shui art of clearing and revitalizing energies in buildings, home, businesses or offices. The energetic clearing is as essential as physical cleaning is to the physical maintenance.

Did you know negative energy debris builds up over time?

When I perform a remote space clearing I remove the energy debris that built up over time, so that the energy of the space lifts, brightens, and circulates freely. Which in turn has a positive impact on you, your relationship, your family or your Business/Career.

Your house is like a sponge!

The energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress that you or others have experienced in your space. Your house is like a sponge. Whatever happens in your environment then is absorbed into your walls, the furniture, carpet, ceiling, or objects.

And that's not all...

I have removed hundreds of spirits and even two Poltergeists from spaces (most of it via distance). I am a modern day Ghostbuster! (Just without the equipment) 😉

How Do I know If I need remote Space Clearing?

The very fact that you are here on this website is an intuition you should trust. Sometimes we just feel things and know deep down we are in need of professional help and/or guidance. 

Did you or someone else become sick after moving in?

Did you or someone in your family start becoming sick more frequently? Be it physically or having depressions, anxiety or other emotional outbursts when before it was never an issue? Or maybe you or someone is experiencing insomnia and sleep disturbances since moving in?

Are you arguing more than usual?

Have you been arguing more than usual with your partner or your family members? Has someone been acting more aggresive or tense?

Do you feel drained the entire time?

No matter how well you sleep, you get up feeling drained. Your home never feels like a restful place.

Do you feel any other presences with you?

Have you been feeling there is another presence there? Or maybe your kids have been acting up, saying they are seeing people or are always crying when left alone in a room. Are your pets acting strange: dogs barking into the air or cats looking at something/someone when no one is there? Maybe you see a shadow in the corner of your eye sometimes.

In hardcore cases you know there is a presence as it makes itself heavily known: a spirit who can make noises and even move things around.

Did previous tenants separate or get divorced?

There are many case studies about the so-called “divorce houses”, houses which saw dirvorce after divorce happen after the initial couple got separated. The energy of dischord, separation, extreme unhappiness just stays deeply embedded in the walls and everywhere in the house.

Do you have a stressful job & need your office/home office cleared?

I have cleared a lot of office spaces, both external ones (different United Nations offices, banks, other corporate offices etc, but also many home offices. Our work can only be as great as we are feeling, and the energy of an office can have a dramatic effect on our levels of focus, creativity, inspiration and financial abundance.

Have you been trying to sell your property for a while?

I’ve had cases where clients didn’t sell a property for many years until it had been cleared energetically. Prospective buyers are more intuitive than you think. They can feel negative energies and decide not to invest.

 Hi! 🙂

My name is Lais and I’m what I call a modern day ghostbuster. Of course remote Space Clearing doesn’t always involve removing spirits, but it’s one of my biggest passions.

You might wonder why on Earth I got into clearing spirits away from people’s homes. Well, I used to live in a heavily haunted room in Bangkok. The kind of haunted where I heard someone call my name at night in a nasty way. And the kind of haunted where books flew off my shelf. I slept with the light on for 6 months, until I decided to learn how to remove spirits. Space Clearing was an intense course, but something I absolutely LOVED learning how to do.

What projects I have been working on

Since then I have had projects to clear several UN offices, Psychiatrists offices, pubs, restaurants, nursing homes, post office, restaurants, Cafes and private houses. 
I also had distance healing projects in Mongolia, Costa Rica, Italy, Brazil, US, South Africa, Germany, UK, Switzerland and many more.
Each case is unique and each house has very individual needs.
My clients oftentimes reach out to me when the traditional methods of clearing a space haven’t worked, such as using sage.  Sage can do its job in “easy” cases, but more often than not it’s not enough. Clients also reached out to me when other experts were not able to clear the Space.

lais stephan remote space clearing expert

Schedule a Free Chat

This is your opportunity to get to know me, and to explain what’s going on in your space . Should you then feel you would like to go ahead with a Clearing, I’ll send you my booking link, and you schedule yourself in at a time that’s convenient for you.

During the scheduling process you will fill in a questionnaire so I have all the facts I need. 

You don’t need to be home when the actual Clearing takes place. But you need to be reachable via video once I’m done so we can discuss.

One important thing to note here is that in case you or someone has been severely ill because of the energy in the Space, I will strongly recommend an additional healing for the persons involved, or the entire family. In some cases I might even refuse to do a Space Clearing if I feel the family needs healing too.  See my family healing package below. 

The remote Space Clearing

The way I work is highly intuitive. Through all these years of working with clients around the world, I have developed an amazing gift when tuning into the energy of your Space. I work with powerful spiritual guides who act as my protectors, but also who help me with the clearing itself. 

There is no energy strong enough I can’t remove. In rare cases I will ask my mum to join in, as she is also a powerful Space Clearing Expert, when I feel the energy in the Space is too negative for just one person to clear.

I have a long check-list of things I go through when I do my clearings. For more details, check out the FAQ below.

Last but not least, I’m able to invoke a powerful Protector of the Space for you who will protect your Space and keep the energy up to the best of their ability.  I have a few blog posts below about these protectors. 

The Result

You will have had any negative energy or energy impregnation removed.

The results are often felt by my clients when they step into a home or office which has been cleared.

Even clients who are usually not so perceptive around subtle energy changes report back to me what a change it made to the way they feel in their Space.

I had clients improving their health once the Clearing was done and all sorts of other emotional well-being improvements.

I schedule for a follow up email/call 1-2 weeks after the clearing  to check in on the energy. Sometimes the healing takes a few days or weeks to completely settle, and in the rare case I might need to send some extra healing I will do so then. 

FAQ about remote space clearing

What do you exactly check for during a remote Space Clearing?

I check for: Stuck, stagnant & old emotions, old thought forms, fear and anxiety energy, energy of the land below your building/house and for any negative land impregnations from old/ancient times, spirits, ley-lines (energy lines), energy vortex, negative energy on objects, whether there is an existing Protector of the Space and if not I invoke one, what areas in house/office are most beneficial for meditating, praying or doing healing work.

I work in an open space office. Can you do a clearing there too?

Absolutely. Open space offices are a nightmare for any sensitive soul working there. If you are perceptive to tension or negative energy, working in an open space can be very hard for you. When I clear an open space office, I remove all negative energies, and protect your particular sitting space with an energetic shield, so you don’t get exposed to tension or stress energy from other people around you anymore. I can also invoke whatever energy you feel you need during office hours: ie “focus” or “creativity” etc. 

Would you recommend doing a remote space clearing when I'm moving out of my home?

Yes! Many considerate women contact me because they want their Space cleared so the new tenants won’t have to “suffer” from any negative energies that were accumulated over time. Should you be selling your home I recommend clearing your space even more as it will sell quicker and attract the right people for the property.

Assessment of the energy in your Space/Office

Not sure if you need a Clearing but would like a professional assessment upfront? I can prepare the report and we will meet on ZOOM via video so I can take you through my findings. If you wish to go ahead with a Clearing the 97$ will be taken off the final bill.


Remote Space Clearing of your Home & Invocation of a Protector of the Space

This is perfect if you wish to have your Space cleared, as well as have a protector in place who will protect you and your family, as well as ensuring that the energy stays high and positive for much longer. This is very powerful and you can find some case studies below in my blog posts.


Remote Space Clearing of your Home Office or external office

This is for you if you only want to focus on your work energy around you, ie your home office or the office you go to every day if you’re employed. 


Remote Space Clearing for an entire Business/Building or bigger projects

Do you have a bigger building or Business which needs clearing? Prices start as of $997 but can be more depending on the scope of the project. Make sure to schedule for a video call before you book.


Remote Space Clearing for your Home & Healing for all family members

In more severe cases, when the energy of your Home has been affecting your or your family’s health or well-being, or brought forward strong changes in behaviours and character, I will strongly recommend a deep healing for each family member on top the House Clearing. This is also the case when there are Poltergeists involved or other negative spirits.


What my clients are saying

testimonial for space clearing
space clearing testimonial

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