Feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Waiting for the Universe to show you signs?

Sometimes the Universe will give you a sign that you won’t forget. Like that time when I prayed to find my life purpose and I was fired from my job right after.

Thinking that things would improve in a different role (more creative) in another company: that company shut down and had to let me go (and I also didn’t happen to enjoy working there).

At some point, I got it: yes, yes, Universe, all right, corporate world is not for me.

Other times the signs don’t come, or are not so clear to us. And it’s these cases that are difficult. We feel stuck, lost, and lack total clarity. We don’t know which way to move, what decision to take, and how each decision will impact us individually, or our family.

Sometimes the Universe wants us to stand on our own feet and to take our own decisions, to realise by ourselves what we need to do.

Sometimes we need to empower ourselves and JUST DO THE DAMN THING. Without signs. Without a complete “Here is what you need to do in 10 easily summarised steps”, signed: The Universe.

If you have been feeling stuck, lost or confused for a long time now, and signs came and went, and confused you even more. Know this:

Just decide. Decide on something. Listen to your body. What option excites your body more? Which decision brings you more expansion? Which decision helps you grow? Which decision makes your soul sing? Which decision do you know you will be proud you took 5 years from now?

It might not always be the easy decision, or the path of least resistance.

But you owe yourself to stop waiting. Waiting for some clear manual on how to behave, act and think. Waiting for a day when it all gets clear.

Take a decision, take action, little by little your path will open up for you, and the more action you take, the more you will be guided to where you need to be.

I sometimes had to take action without knowing what will happen. How that action will impact my life or my finances.

I recently moved to Germany, even though 80% of my client work was face to face in Geneva. But I told the Universe:

“I decide now I will go and live in Germany. You make my online work out for me. Not in a few months, not in a few years, but like NOW.”

And you know what? Universe delivered. 🙂

Just like the time I decided to become self-employed with my healing business in Switzerland. I decided I would do it. Universe made sure I had clients coming as of my first month. I had no Plan B, I had no one to help me financially if things didn’t work out.

My faith has been tested so many times over the last few years. But one thing is sure:

We need to get into a space where we are Co-Creators. We do our part; Universe does its part also. We are equal partners. Universe doesn’t want us to just sit lazily on our awesome bums and visualise sparkly futures for ourselves. No way, Jose!

Universe wants you to grow up, and to do your part of the equation, which oftentimes means taking action when things are not clear yet. Which means deciding. Which means taking inspired action in the moment when we feel that inspiration coming.

Have the faith, trust that Universe will have your back, always, do your part, so the big U can do its part also. 🙂





Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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