3 incredible signs you are manifesting more success in your heart-centered business

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Running a heart-centered, successful business is tough. There are so many things we need to do, often without knowing if we’re taking the right steps. Or wondering whether our steps are aligned with our overall mission. 

Our manifestations haven’t shown up yet, leaving us feeling insecure and not trusting the co-creation process. 

There are 3 key indicators I watch out for in my heart-centered business for manifesting impact, profit, and success.

1. Your manifestation activated synchronicity

When your co-creation energy is rising, you feel the momentum building up in your life, and especially in your business.

The very first sign you are on the right track is the series of synchronicities that will pop up left and right once you have a clear manifesting goal. A clear vision about what it is you want to co-create in your business.

These synchronicities are different for everyone, but can involve:

  • Seeing the same numbers repeated throughout your days and weeks, such as 11:11 or any other combination:
  • Finding the right coaches, experts, and helpful people you need to move forward with your business. For example, once I was ready to work with a high-level coach, I manifested her right away. As she was quite an investment, I asked the Universe to send me a sign. Shortly after, I saw a grasshopper in my office. I had never seen one before (nor after) and knew this was my sign. Why, you might ask? My coach’s surname was Hopper.
  • Manifesting unexpected money or gifts coming in to help you manifest more success in your heart-centered business. For example: Back in 2012, when I started my coaching & healing business, I felt very vulnerable as I did not know how to start, let alone run a business. My background had been corporate. It was around that time that I practiced with the law of attraction and manifested signs and success in my business. I told the Universe:

    “I want an agenda for the 2012 calendar year. And I want it as a gift!”

    A few days later, I had a package in my mailbox. It was a gift from my best friend from the Netherlands. And guess what it was…An agenda called “HAPPINEZ” for 2012! (She didn’t know a thing about my desire!) I felt ecstatic! And if that wasn’t enough, a week later I had yet another package in my mailbox. Another agenda! And if that’s not crazy enough – the same “Happinez” one. It was from my ex-boyfriend who had never sent me any packages before.

    This is when I knew that I and the Universe will become best co-creation buddies. I have written an entire book from the Universe’s point of view for co-creating your best life.
  • You find the right associations to join or biz besties with whom you can co-work and strategise together. For example: More recently I found FEA (Female Entrepreneur Association), and through FEA I right away found my biz bestie. The investment to join is a decision I’ll never regret.

What do you do when synchronicities pop up in your heart-centered business?

Your job, as a female soulpreneur, is to make sure you are mindful and present. You need to receive these signs and synchronicities. This is important, as we need to take action on these and say “HELL YEAH” to some of them to move forward. Some of them will feel like a massive stretch in terms of financial investments. 

I can only share that for me there has been no growth in my business without me stretching myself in every sense of the word, including financially.

Getting out of your comfort zone will be your MO from now on. Running your business will never be easy because each time you grow, you’ll reach new upper limits. This brings me to my second point of knowing you are manifesting more impact, profit and success:

2. You are on the right path in your heart-centered business when you come across upper limits 

Some of you might well know what upper limits are. For those of you who don’t:

What the heck are upper limits, and how can you release these?

The Upper Limit Problem is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the artificial upper limit we have placed on ourselves. The Upper Limit Problem is caused by a too-low thermostat setting on our ability to achieve and enjoy our ultimate success.

Gay Hendricks “The big leap”

Coming across upper limits means you are coming across obstacles. This might come as a surprise, as you had started on such a high note with all the synchronicities and signs you had been receiving. Upper limits can look like this:

  • You wanting to hide
  • Wanting to play small
  • Wanting to abort the project altogether or questioning yourself, your business, and some or all of the choices you made
  • Blaming external factors and/or yourself and pity mode versus constructive problem-solving mode
  • You sabotaging yourself through destructive behaviours such as emotional eating, binge-watching Netflix, or engaging in any other addictive behaviours you wanted to eliminate
  • Allowing yourself to get into paralysis mode or severe lethargy, thus losing all the inspired action-taking energy you had been building up
  • Or the opposite, working like a robot and being in excessive “hustle mode”. Thus burning out on multiple levels before you realise that co-creating something meaningful doesn’t require you to sell your soul for it.

I hear you asking:

“Great. How do I get out of my upper-limit mess?”

I stopped counting how many times I reached my glass ceiling and allowed upper limits to limit my success as a female heart-centered business owner. I went through most of the above, which ended up becoming a vicious circle. The more I deviated from my path and doubted myself, the more lethargic I would feel. The more lethargic I became, the further my manifesting desires moved away from me.

At some point, I had to say “basta!” with an Italian accent and accompanied by theatrical hand movements.

1. Say basta!

That sounds trivial, but stay with me. Getting out of your funk, and trust me, it’s all in your head, requires a decision. That decision is “enough is enough”. You will never move through upper limits if you aren’t decisive in your action to get out of it. So that’s the first essential step.

2. Get help & realign with your vision and intention for your heart-centered business

For me, each time I hit a massive roadblock, I felt I wouldn’t get out of it alone. As a solopreneur without a boss who can guide me and colleagues to chat to, I often reached out to professionals for help. 

This looked like hiring different coaches, be it in 1on1 containers or group containers, joining a free challenge that helped with mindset, or something specific I had to do in my business, such as an exceptional list-building challenge. It also entailed a 30-day yoga challenge to get my body moving in the morning. It certainly entailed a coach helping me believe in my vision and helping me re-align with it.

My 4-Day “Manifest More Impact, Profit & Success In Your Biz” challenge is geared towards helping heart-centered business women get clarity on their vision, align with it, and embody it on a deeper level.

You can sign up for free here

A few years ago, that help looked like having a therapist as I was working through some heavy, personal stuff on top. 

The key is that you understand your upper limits, why they are there, and can release them again.

3. Have an inspiring morning routine 

This, for me, was a game changer. I stopped getting into “hustle mode” first thing in the morning. That was from my old corporate days when you had to sit in front of your computer by 8 or 9 am and hustle until lunch.

I don’t do client work in the morning unless the different time zones won’t permit otherwise.

My mornings comprise long journaling and channeling sessions on my amazing Remarkable 2. It feels like writing on actual paper with a pen, which is essential for me. I bought it because I am a digital nomad, always traveling and moving and this was one of my best purchases ever.

In the mornings, I do mindset work and self-healing to prepare myself for my day. I set the tone by setting intentions for the day in terms of how I wish to feel and what I believe I can accomplish. Creating some nice-to-do lists helps me to get excited about the infinite possibilities for my day.

I also channel content for my business, such as blog posts, a new beta program, social media posts, a poem, an affirmation, or whatever wants to come through me.

This can take anything from 1h to 2-3 hours. I don’t put a timer on, as this is the most important part of my day. 

I attribute 80% of my business impact, profit, and success to my inspiring morning routine!

An inspiring morning routine gets me out of any funk I have been in. I can sort myself out and get back into inspired action-taking mode. This brings me to my last point:

3. Your channel is open for business

You have crazy amounts of “downloads” in terms of new ideas, as well as the inspired action steps required to turn them into reality. I have written a blog post about keeping your channel open and cleared here.

It’s very obvious when that is happening, as you are bombarded with ideas, action steps, and more ideas. For me, that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Over the years, I learned how to deal with it best. I journal about everything that comes to me and through me. 

Not every idea is meant to be taken action on. We need to prioritise. Therefore, I have an entire list of “future ideas” to implement in my heart-centered business.

There needs to be a balance between downloading ideas and knowing how many we can implement, and, the answer to that is ONE. As heart-centered women, we think we are multi-passionate and can focus on different things. However, the women I have worked with, came to me because they had concentrated on different things which caused many “half-assed” projects being birthed. None of them brought in the big result they had envisioned.

If you would like to get into the energy, mindset, and action-taking vibes of your future impactful self, you can enroll in my free 4-Day-Challenge “Manifest More Impact, Profit & Success In Your Biz” now. Just click on the banner at the bottom of this blog.

Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, divine channeler & intuitive business coach for female soulpreneurs, creatives, and heart-centered leaders who need help with creating the impact they are here to be making. 

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

manifest more impact, profit and success in your business
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