Removing stuckness & Tapping into abundance

Mar 30, 2023

Listen to this episode if you are excited about tapping into abundance in life & biz

If you have been wondering how to tap into more abundance in your business: look no further! Welcome to this inspiring episode of my podcast, dedicated to all the wonderful women out there who are working hard to build their businesses. Today, we have an amazing guest, Vicky Chisholm, a transformation coach who has a powerful story to share.

Vicky’s journey of overcoming trauma and rediscovering herself is truly inspiring. She found a path to healing through working with a coach who introduced her to EFT, a gentle acupressure technique that focuses on meridian points around the body.

Through her journey, Vicky discovered the power of tapping into the body and mind to shift energy and find alignment. She shares her story of leaving a toxic relationship and finding safety and stability in her life. Vicky’s journey toward healing and growth led her to train in EFT and become a coach herself, helping other women in business to transform their lives.

In this episode, Vicky shares valuable insights on how to tap into the body and mind to alleviate feeling stuck in life or business. She encourages listeners to identify where the stuckness is coming from, and use tapping exercises and pattern interrupters to gain clarity, take control of their minds and emotions, and reprogram their thoughts towards abundance.

We hope this episode inspires you to take a step towards your own transformation and growth, as well as tapping into abundance in life & biz.

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Vicki is a powerhouse, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. She uses her heart-centered intuitive guidance to get to the core of the issue very quickly, she does this in her trainings and her 1:1 VIP coaching plans. Vicki doesn’t work from a textbook, Vicki’s personal journey of transformation in both her life and business has brought her to where she is today. Transforming her life and career.

. From Domestic abuse, autoimmune disease, PTSD, chronic fatigue, anxiety, virtual assistant to empowered, strong and resilient, certified, accredited, and powerful coach. Vicki’s work has changed the lives of thousands over the years, she currently has over 10,000 students and teaches online to over 39 different countries globally. Vicki is a global award-winning coach, and mum of 3, and her mission is set to ensure your success, with heart-led transformational coaching Vicki helps women achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams. The only question to ask yourself before joining Vicki’s programs is: “Am I ready to transform my life and business?” – Vicki’s powerful teachings will take you through a NO BS approach and empowering change from the moment you enter her world.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, divine channeler & intuitive business coach for female soulpreneurs, creatives, and heart-centered leaders who need help with creating the impact they are here to be making. 

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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