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Welcome to Happy Home Space Clearing Podcast

Welcome, gorgeous soul. I am excited to have you stumble upon my mum’s & I’s new podcast. So let me tell you a bit about our podcast.

What’s the space clearing podcast all about?

  • We will speak about what space clearing is
  • When you need one and the signs to look out for
  • How we got into space clearing (spooky story) 🙂
  • We’ll speak about black magic & the “evil eye”
  • We’ll have clients come join us to share case studies
  • We’ll speak about geomagnetic stress
  • We’ll speak about vortices, leylines and how they can affect your health & well-being
  • We’ll speak about impregnated objects acting as “portals” or as a means for spirits to attach
  • we’ll speak about spirit activity, poltergeists, jinns, nature spirits
  • and much more…


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