Navigating difficult relationships

Mar 29, 2019

I had a profound experience the other day. I met my therapist, and as we often do, we started the session with a meditation by standing opposite to each other.

Before we even started, I suddenly, for like a millisecond, felt I was my mother and that I was standing there, opposite my therapist, as my mother. I felt I was in her body. I even felt what it felt like to have a little belly (which she has been growing in the last few years) 🙂

I felt her excitement for all things spiritual and meditation related. I felt her smiling and eager to start the session.

Then the feeling was gone and it was just me standing there, with tears in my eyes.

I had felt the “oneness” that we all are. That I am you, you are me, and we are all one beautiful whole, but all separated into different souls for the purpose of incarnating on this beautiful planet. 

As a “seasoned” meditator I had had these feelings since many years while meditating, or while in divine communion with my higher self, but never so consciously without having meditated.

I also had to admit, right there, that lately I had started to focus on our differences, more than our similarities. And I knew I had to stop. I knew I needed to focus on our similarities. 

I felt this was a powerful message for me to take into all of my relationships. 

Nothing good comes out of focusing on our differences, dear ones. And even when we have difficult relationships with people (whoever they might be), we won’t solve any of it by focusing on our differences.

However, there is a fine line between relationships that are difficult and relationships which are toxic. And there is no shame in walking away from a parent or other family member when they continuously harm us or don’t respect our boundaries. I have walked away from family and I haven’t regretted it.

A book I recommend reading if you have difficult parents is: “Adult children of emotionally immature parents” by Lindsay C. Gibson

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, channeler & Space Clearing Expert together with her mum Heloisa.

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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