This is the most adorable tree story you will read in a while! πŸ™‚

I was performing an energetic space clearing for a client in London who had a house and a garden.

I started the session by checking if there was a “protector of the land”, an invisible force that cares about and protects the family who lives there.

A tree presented itself to me in my mind’s eye. A beautiful, blooming cherry tree. I laughed and asked:
“Who are you?”
Tree: “I’m the protector of this land, I’m excited to meet you!”
Me: “Oh, wow, I never had a tree as a protector spirit before. That’s new to me.”

The tree told me to visualise the entire family in the garden, next to this tree and to ground them there by visualising roots growing out of their feet.

Later when I talked to my client and told her that there was a cherry tree who was very eager to connect to the family, she laughed and said:

“That’s unbelievable. I just planted a cherry tree two days ago in my garden.”

Isn’t that most adorable? It found this to be one of the cutest stories I ever witnessed during a space clearing. A cute tree spirit, all excited about having been planted and making its presence known.

Yes, dear ones, trees are very much alive and they talk. They have feelings. They are absolutely magical. πŸ™‚ she sent me a pic of her newly planted cherry tree.

Are you interested in a space clearing for your home and/or office? Are you interested to know who your protector of the land is?

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