Uplevel your Business or Career

by inviting in a mountain of clarity, a sea of joy & a pinch of magic. 🙂

Start: Monday, July 29th – Friday August 2nd

Time: 7pm CEST, 6pm London, 1pm NY (1h) live on FB

Replays available in case you can’t attend live.

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 If you’re here, you know it’s time. Time to allow yourself to journey to your next level. And it all starts with an inner journey so that the inner can reflect in your outer world. This program will be magical and transformational.

Meet your Business Spirit Guide

Learn how to invoke & to communicate with your Business guide to get answers to many questions around your Business/Career.


Increase your awareness & level up

 Learn effective & powerful meditation & journaling techniques that will bring you to your next level energetically.

Balance & Uplevel your energy

Learn powerful shielding, grounding and energy management techniques that will keep you energised, inspired and focused.

About this program 🙂

Watch the video below to learn more about this program.

– A journal dedicated to your inner explorations

– A gratitude journal (can be in same as above but some people like to keep it separate)

– A special pen dedicated to your writing (the sparklier the better) 😉

– A Tarot deck*: (can be any deck you feel drawn to.) Here is a few I work with and recommend: Osho Zen Tarot, Gabrielle Bernstein’s the Universe Has Your Back, the classical Rider Waite Tarot (amazing for symbology and more advanced messages), any decks from Doreen Virtue)

* In case you don’t wish to invest in a tarot deck at this time that’s fine, it’s just an additional tool to gain insights/messages for the day ahead, but you can equally just focus on your journalling and meditations. 🙂


Day 1 & 2 

On the first two days you are going to:

– set clear goals on what you wish to get out of this program & get crystal clear on what questions you need answered. 

– learn about powerful morning routines including effective journaling, setting intentions, picking a tarot card for the day and reflecting on it.

– build a sanctuary in your mind where you will welcome your Business/career guide for daily conversations. 

– learn about grounding, shielding & minimising your aura when leaving your home to get less affected by noise, other people’s negative energies and tensions.

– learn how to turn your “receiving channel” on so you are a magnet for abundance, love, help and much more.

– learn about important end of day routines to bring all your energy back, while learning where it went in the first place, empowering you to “loose” less energy going forward. Journaling techniques to end your day & set yourself up for success the next day.

Day 3-5

– you are going to get clear on your mission, how to feel more secure and have an increased abundance mindset.

– you are going to find out how you can build stronger relationships at work, in your Business, with yourself & ultimately how to become more “magnetic” to your clients, colleagues, superiors etc.

– you are going to get clear on any creativity blocks & how to work with that creative force in order to uplevel your career/Business.

– you are going to get clear on how to become more confident within yourself, the products and/or services you are selling, your place within the company/organisation you are working for.

– you are going to receive messages around self-love and any heart shields you might have, preventing you to form deeper relationships with clients, colleagues or superiors, as well as to truly speak (and write) from your heart.

– you are going to get clear around blockages in your communication with the outside world, around speaking your truth, sharing your message authentically & rising up as a strong force.

– you are going to get clearer on your vision for your Business/ Career, as well as get clearer on your purpose.

– You have a Business and are ready to uplevel energetically so that taking inspired action will lead to great results.

– You are wanting to start your Business & want to have a clear picture of what it’s going to be about and have all the important energetic foundations in place.

– You have a job/career and want to get to the next stage, add more fun and magic to your every day life and uplevel.

– You just started a new job and would like to energetically uplevel so as to match the new demands and challenges.

– You are looking for a job and want to work on yourself so you can attract the best job for you.

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