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Introducing my new 6-Week Abundance Accelerator Program (BETA - HALF PRICE!)

Identify & Release the EXACT Abundance Blocks in the way of your successful, impactful & profitable business


If you are a heart-centered service-based female business owner, a healer, a coach, or a course creator, this is your chance to make 2023 your most abundant year yet.

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Have you wondered lately whether you have any abundance blocks? Have you been feeling stuck?

I get it.

Running a heart-centered business can be overwhelming. There is so much to do. So much to learn. So many pieces of the puzzle…

You’ve worked so hard. So, why is there so little to show for it? Then, if you’re like some of my clients, all you get for an answer is: “You Gotta Hustle! Work Harder!”

I’m calling BS. There is no need for this hustle nonsense!

You don’t need to work any harder or longer. You don’t need to watch endless youtube videos, or webinars or try out the latest “cookie cutter” strategy that works wonders for some, but not for you and your business.

Or maybe your business has been running well for a while but you never manage to get through that proverbial “glass ceiling”, your next profit goal, or fill up your group program.

The problem is simple…

You’ve just been focusing on the WRONG THINGS. Or at least not enough on the essential parts.

Focusing on strategy and hustling alone won’t get your business anywhere. At least not sustainably and consistently.

Your energy signature is what needs focus and care. That’s what I attribute to 80% of my clients’ (and my own) success.

I’m here to help you increase your energy signature (aka teaching you how to raise it to the frequency of abundance.)

Because running a successful business as a heart-centered leader requires you to master your energy.

Only then, once your energy frequency is cleared from energetic blocks, can you focus on finding an aligned strategy for your business, find your ideal clients or niche to focus on. Only then should you develop or create a new offer or service. All of which I will provide in my LAUNCH ACCELERATOR program (for which Abundance Accelerator is a pre-requesite).


Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune in to.

– Wayne Dyer

abundance accelerator group program

Are you ready to use the final months of this year to work on your vibration & energy so your Business can thrive in 2023? Are you ready to smash through your abundance blocks?

You’ve done so much healing work already. Manifesting work. Countless journal entries and visualisation exercises. An endless list of articles on how to manifest more abundance in your business. Now, what are you left with?


A bunch of content in your head and a vague knowledge as to what the law of attraction actually is. But so little progress.


If you’re like most spiritual women, you worked more on your manifesting abilities than on your actual vibration. Or thought that reading affirmations and using chystals or energy healing is enough to raise your vibration. 


Then why is it that healers and spiritual or heart-centered businesses are amongst the most broke?


Shouldn’t they all be the most financially abundant based on all the energy healing or spiritual awareness they have? I had a rough awakening when I realised all these tools I thought would help me manifest didn’t work! 🙂

Or maybe you’re completely new to energy and manifesting work. In which case, I almost envy you! I would have been more than grateful if I could have started my business with a comprehensive system in place. 🙂


Here is what one of my students Abigail has to say

So, what exactly IS the Abundance Accelerator Program?

3 step abundance accelerator framework

Working with your subconscious mind to find & release abundance blocks is the most effective way of making quantum jumps forward in your Business.

My 6-week Abundance Accelerator Program is your chance to learn how to work with your subconscious mind to easily identify & access the EXACT abundance blocks you have that are lowering your energy signature.

I’ll teach you my advanced Healing method so you not only release these abundance blocks from your own energy but from your children/ future descendants too.

If you enroll, you’ll have life-long access to the course and can take part in all future group programs & their LIVE zoom calls.

Why? Because we are constantly evolving and growing. We become more and more abundant and with every growth, we are ready to release more layers of old abundance blocks.

With this program, you can work on yourself and your business any time you need to find out what’s in the way of your next-level impactful self.

To truly remove your abundance blocks, you must…

♥ Work on your energy signature by releasing abundance blockages from your past.

♥ De-activate the LAW OF KARMA (CAUSE & EFFECT) from previous lives and your four ancestral lines.

♥ Activate your right for Divine Compensation so you may be divinely compensated for your gifts, talents and for being of service.

♥ Learn how to create quantum shifts within the collective field & become a forerunner when it comes to working with Healing & Manifesting.

♥ Master the LAW OF RHYTHM, aka the ebbs and flows of life better. 

abundance accelerator group program

Here is what former students (beta testers have to say)

I tested the Abundance Accelerator with a Beta group earlier this year within a much quicker 5-Day frame. I had called it “Channel & Heal Your Business” and have since chosen a different title. I also decided to divide the course into 2 parts: one just for the energy and healing part, and another course focused more on aligned business strategy that will be called “Launch Accelerator” where students will create and launch their own BETA program. This is what some of the participants had to say about it. 🙂


Abundance Accelerator

abundance accelerator group program

The Abundance Accelerator Group Program consists of 6 modules with 3 lessons each, pre-recorded videos, guided healing meditations to release your abundance blocks, fillable PDF’s & weekly LIVE Zoom calls to go deeper into each theme and the healing you need.

All LIVE calls recorded and replays available.


What the program entails:

abundance accelerator module 1


Set your GOAL & Identify the energy leaks in your root chakra

You will start by setting a powerful goal and journal around abundance, as well as, identifying your KEY THEME for the 6 weeks. Then, you’ll dive right into identifying abundance blocks in your root chakra. You’ll dive into important themes of shame, guilt, disossication (aka missing soul fragments). 

A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme and identifying your root chakra energy leaks. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.

abundance accelerator module 2


Your Healing Ceremony With Mother Earth & Abundance Activation

In this module you will dive deeper into all things root chakra and release the abundance blocks you identified in Module 1 through a recorded healing meditation. As a portal to Mother Earth, the root chakra enables you to access the chakras below your feet and Mother Earth’s healing & Abundance frequency. You will work with the frequency of Bach Flowers and will meet your spirit animal.

A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme and going deeper into your healing & Abundance Activation. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.


abundance accelerator module 3


Diagnose the energy leaks in your Crown Chakra & Your Healing Ceremony with Source

You will be identifying the abundance blocks in your crown chakra before activating another level of abundance through the healing ceremony with Source. You will create your imaginary Healing Chamber – a place where you feel safe to do your healing work. Energy leaks such as ancestors in spirit form interfering with your guidance, imposter/low-level spirit guides, spirits near you/ attached to you, cords to the negative parts of the collective field.

A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme of identifying & healing your crown chakra energy leaks. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.

abundance accelerator module 4


Create your abundance blocks blueprint & Release your suppressed emotions & Limiting beliefs & Fears

You will be identifying the abundance blocks in your entire energy field, including energy leaks in your aura so you have a comprehensive blueprint of all your blocks.

A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme of identifying all of your abundance blocks within your energetic system. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call, and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.

abundance accelerator module 5


Release your etheric cords & your negative pre-conception & womb memories

You will be releasing your etheric cords to other people to avoid dysfunctional, unequal relationships and will release your negative pre-conception memories, including primordial fears as a soul about to incarnate into a dense 3D reality.

A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme of releasing etheric cords and negative womb memories. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.

abundance accelerator module 6


Release your ancestral baggage & your past life karma

The final module will be about healing your four ancestral lines from any intergenerational trauma you might have been carrying. You’ll be diving into past life trauma to release any remaining karma you might have brought forward into this lifetime by understanding the theme you have been working on.


A group ZOOM call to go deeper into this week’s theme of healing ancestral and karmic memories. If you cannot attend LIVE, you can send me your questions before and they will be answered within the call, and replay link will be provided so you can watch in your own time.

“If you’re thinking about whether doing this program – stop thinking & just do it.”

Abigail from Moon Goddess Academy

Abigail Mensahbonsu-Ulmer

Half Price For Group Program (Beta Group)

Your investment is HALF PRICE. Why? Because you are the first group to do this program in a 6-week program. I have already tested it with a small group in a 5-Day intensive version and had amazing testimonials (see above). However, I am a perfectionist at heart and don’t love launching to the general public until it’s been tested a few times. Thus, I will be very involved in your healing journey and your progress. This program will require your full attention and regular feedback. Should you prefer a hybrid option (more 1:1 access to me, or even a complete 1:1 bespoke intensive day with me, you have that option also.

There is a 2-month payment plan available.

Abundance Accelerator Hybrid Program

Subtitle goes Here
  • Everything from the Group Program
  • 4 bi-weekly 1on1 calls with Lais to dive deeper into your healing needs
  • Channeled Messages from your Higher Self & Spirit Guides
  • Access to Voice Messages throughout the program to ask questions

VIP Intensive 1 Day Program

  • Everything from the Group Program so you have all the self-study material should you need it
  • The entire program will be bespoke to your needs and requirements and done 1:1 during one intensive day session: perfect for you if you want to work on your Business Abundance quickly and effortlessly
  • Also access to all Group Coaching Calls in addition should you want a community vibe

2-month payment plan for the abundance accelerator group program: click here to pay in monthly installments of 249 USD 

If you need payment plans for the hybrid or VIP version pls contact me here to set it up.

Bonuses: Receive 600$ + USD worth of high-level FREE bonuses if you sign up until the 11th of November, 2022

free energetic space clearing



This is an amazing bonus as once you cleared all your negative energy, you will have a professional space clearing expert clearing your entire home & home office/ separate office from negative energies. Click here for more details about my space clearing services.

numerology report abundance accelerator


In-Depth Numerology Report for 2023 ($ 111 Value)

This will be sent to you via email once the program starts.

free channeled message from higher self


A channeled message from your Higher Self ($ 97 Value)

This will be delivered as a voice message to your inbox once the program ends with an emphasis on your abundant business in 2023.

why I created the abundance accelerator program

Now it’s time to make a decision…

Are you ready to enroll in the Abundance Accelerator at half price & have a lot of Lais support during its duration?

It’s time to decide whether you are ready and believe you are worthy to invest in yourself and your business to get it to the next level and kick-start 2023 on a frequency of abundance.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business by learning a method and a healing framework that will assist you through multiple uplevels and many years to come? A healing system that is complete and doesn’t require you to find a number of different professionals to help you heal or release abundance blocks?

It’s your time to reflect on the cost for your business if you DON’T invest. How much would not investing in your business cost you in the long run? 

I can’t wait to work with you! 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't started my business yet but have a business idea. Can I still participate?

Answer: Yes, you can. In fact, healing your abundance blocks before you even start a business might help you start a business that is truly aligned with your mission and purpose. On top, you start on a high note.

Something is blocking me to start a business, would this help?

Answer: Absolutely. Abundance blocks can mean that you subconsciously hold on to ancestral fears around the instability of a business or fear of visibility, fear of failure or coming out of your “spiritual closet” if it’s a spiritual business yet everyone knows your corporate background. 🙂 You. would be surprised how many abundance blocks can be present preventing you to start your business.

My business is going very well but I don't seem to hit the 6 figures. Can this help me?

Answer: As a goal, you can set: show me all my abundance blocks in the way of 6-figures and that is what your subconscious mind will show you then and what you will be working on. However, this is only 1 course I teach, there is another one called the launch accelerator that focuses on aligned strategy. Both, energy and aligned strategy are needed to have a successful business. However, if you believe you have everything in place: ie an irresistible offer, the right niche market and ideal clients, the right messaging, and energetically aligned prices, then yes, the Abundance Accelerator might be the missing piece of the puzzle. 🙂

Can I pay in instalments?

Answer: Absolutely. See the pricing tables for instalments in 2 months. I can offer more monthly instalments for the hybrid and VIP options. Just contact me for more info and to set it up.

I already spent a lot of time healing myself. How will I know I need more?

Answer: Very simple. Are you where you want to be in your business, or at least have a feeling you can get there soon? If so, no need to enroll for this program. This program is for people who felt stuck at a certain level and don’t feel they can advance on their own without removing the abundance blocks in their way.

What's the time investmet, please?

Great question! Thanks for asking! The pre-recorded videos & recorded healing meditations each week will vary in length & so will the journaling prompts for you to reflect & dig deeper. My aim is to keep that part of self-study around 60-90 mins per week. Then there is the hourly LIVE ZOOM call each week. So if you already know you can’t spend 2-3 hours per week on this program, this is not for you. As it’s a BETA program I will need to make sure that everyone is able to complete the program in order to get feedback & testimonials. So if working closely with me during this time is not for you, you can wait for the official launch (however at double the price for the group program).