There is no such thing as being alone in the Universe, and so there’s no such thing as creating alone. Everything, every impulse, every creative gift of beauty, everything is a co-creation.

Gary Zukov

This is an incredibly empowering and loving journey to activate/improve your relationship with the Universe.

I will be your bridge between you and the Universe and will teach you how to receive beautiful signs, how to watch for synchronicity in your life, how to be open to fully receive all the love and guidance the Universe sends us on a daily basis.

You will learn all the do’s and dont’s of how to manifest the reality you desire.

My clients so far have manifested:

  • soulmates and wedding
  • the perfect flat after being rejected for 30 flats before, then receiving four offers in one day
  • investors for their business
  • better relationships with their loved ones and themselves
  • perfect job with exactly same salary they had visualised
  • and much more…

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Manifesting Your Desires

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” -Wayne Dyer

Congratulatulations. If you made it to this level – you cleared your past blockages, learned how to keep yourself balanced and your energy flowing, learned how to empower yourself, access your higher self and how to keep your vibrations high.

From this level, we are now ready to work on the FUN stuff.

What if I told you you can have everything you desire?

  • Meet a soul mate
  • Be in a fulfilling relationship
  • Get that job promotion or relocate to an exotic country
  • Get started on self-employment and make it
  • Get a book deal
  • Go on 5 holidays for free
  • Get the house or apartment of your dreams

These are just a few things you can manifest if you know how to. And it’s all examples of what I have been manifesting (apart from the book deal which I’m still working on).

And this is what we are going to work on together:

  • I will explain what the law of attraction is.
  • How I work with it on a day to day basis (the do’s and don’ts).
  • How to formulate a clear goal/wish/dream so the Universe understands what you want (we will make sure you are as clear as possible).
  • How to detach yourself again from your desired outcomes (this is where I failed for a long time!).
  • I will explain what synchronicity is and how to know when it’s in your life.
  • You will learn my powerful manifestation process in form of meditations and visualizations.
  • You will learn my exact journaling technique I use to manifest my heart’s desires.
  • How to get into the yang energy of taking inspired action.
  • How to cultivate an optimistic attitude to speed up your manifestations.
  • We will do a powerful past life regression to bring you back into any past lives that blocked you to work with your psychic powers, source energy, and manifestation skills. (this one did wonders to my manifestation skills!).

For each of your dreams or goals, we will test your current energetic alignment to it and will make sure we bring it up to 100%, so that your frequency matches the outcome you desire to manifest.

  • You will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to stay in alignment with your manifestations.
  • You will know exactly how the manifestation process works and can concentrate on making your dreams a reality.
  • You will leave with your blueprint and can use it anytime to check back on how you score on all different factors, thus knowing at any given moment what you need to work on to get back into alignment with your goals.
  • You will have learned all my powerful techniques that I use myself to manifest my heart’s desires.

1297 $ or 3 installments of 440$
I also do all of this as an intensive day program – ask me for details.

Do you live somewhere in Europe and can get a group of a minimum of 6 women together? I also do this as group workshops over a weekend. Ask me for details. You as host would get it free of charge then. 🙂