How to work with me: 🙂

    Step 1: Schedule a free phone/skype call & Fill in the client intake form

    • The first step to work with me is to contact me via my client intake form where you describe in detail what’s currently not working in your life and what your desires, goals & dreams are.
    • We will then schedule a free phone/skype call where we can expand on what you have shared and where I can explain which methods I would use to help you get there. 
    • This is completely free of charge and for us to see if we are a match to work together. 🙂

    Step 2: Create an in-depth action plan & blueprint/roadmap

    • Here we will work together on creating a roadmap for us to use.
    • I will intuitively check on 3 important areas: your past, your present, and your future, and will outline to you all the blockages found.
    • Each of these areas have many different factors and I will check how you score in all these areas. So, for example, if I see you have a lot to have cleared from your past, we will need to start working on clearing that first before we can work on mastering your present, or creating the future you desire.
    • You only want your roadmap and not commit to working with me right now? No problem, I offer this in-depth roadmap for 249$, which includes a call to go through all findings.

    Step 3: Four in-depth healing/coaching & teaching sessions with me per program

    • Once we have your blueprint we will start working on either your past, your present, or your future (or all three of them if you score low in all 3 areas.)
    • Each level (past, present, future) requires 4 sessions to go really deep and help you get the results you need.
    • Each sessions lasts a minimum of 1h and a maximum of 2 1/2 when we have to do a past life regression or other healing that takes longer.
    • Ideally we will work weekly, but if this is too intense, we can also work bi-weekly.
    • Do you want quicker results? This program is also available as intense VIP day! Ask me for details.

    Step 4: Re-score you on your blue-print to see if scores went up

    • After we did all the work and healing, we will once more determine your scores on all levels to see the improvements.
    • If there are still one or more low scores we will do some additional healing or coaching around those specific topics and I will give you exercises/homework so you can continue improving.
    • After we finish working together you will be empowered to check on your own blockages, and will know how to eliminate/release them on your own.
    • You will get free downloads/audios as needed to take with you.