This is a program like no other. When two manifesting queens team up to share their manifestation process in detail and use their psychic and healing abilities to help you release blocks that might be in your way of achieving your dreams and goals, magic will happen!

When I met Tamar this summer and we exchanged all the stories around the things we manifested, I was 100% sure that we needed to work together and bring all this knowledge to a wider audience.


Manifesting is not just visualising a few things here and there, it’s a process that once mastered, can bring you everything you desire and are ready to receive because you believe you deserve it.

When we did the first round of this program Tamar and I wanted to manifest 13 women to join us. And we manifested EXACTLY 13 women. On top, there was one woman (Daniela) who seemed to be incredibly knowledgeable around the whole goal setting part of the manifestation process and Tamar and I were talking and wondering whether we should get Daniela on board for the next round, to be part of our team. Two days later when I talked to Daniela she offered it by herself, without knowing that Tamar and I had talked about it already.

So here we are now as THREE manifesting Mavens for the next round. It’s going to get even better ladies!

Daniela, who has a PHD in this goal-setting/visualisation technique, will conduct a special 30-minute free goal scenario session for the early bird specials, where you will clarify the goal you want to manifest and she will instruct in using the special goal manifestation technique.

So book until then, this coaching session beforehand with her really is priceless. 

Have you tried manifesting but with little results?
Do you feel blocked when it comes to creating the future you really desire?
Do you not believe you deserve to have the life you dream about?
Are you wanting to manifest a soulmate or a deeper relationship with your current partner?
Are you wanting to become pregnant or prepare for motherhood?

Do you have a business and not enough clients and income?
Do you feel lost in your job/career?

Then this program is for you!

Early bird discount until September 17th.


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Day 1:

– Intro ceremony and learning how to set goals/desires that the Universe can work with
– Dance with Tamar:
Dance not only enlivens our soul but raises our vibration, changes our energy by opening our channels to divine energy. We will be using 2 different styles of dance that are used to release blocks around our creativity and abundance, opening us up to allow more into our lives.

Day 2:

– Psychic Healing with Lais
Lais will tune into your energies and guide a powerful channeled healing session that will take you through your chakras and auric field, help you ground and connect to the divine. As a channel for the divine Lais is a bridge to help you connect to your own divinity. This session will help you release stuck or toxic energy that is in your way of manifesting

– Clearing Past Lives
As an expert in past life regression, Lais will guide you to see/or know a past life that is currently affecting your life now. Many of our unresolved past lives will make us play small in this life, or be engaged in karmic relationships, or doubt our gifts and talents, sabotage love or abundance on many levels. This session will clear you from one past life that has a significant impact on your life right now.

Day 3

-Wheels of Cycles with Tamar
Understand how to work with the cycles of the feminine, the moon and the seasons to manifest the life you desire, and how our birth story can affect what we bring into and how we create in the world.
Working through our own birth story in order to manifest like a true manifesting maven. Align your cycles with the ancient circadian rhythms of Mother Earth. Learn how to manifest and to allow abundance to flow to you through your cycles.

– Meet your divine feminine and divine masculine energies with Lais

Learn how to connect to these powerful energies within you, and how to balance the feminine and masculine energies. Find out whether there are any blockages or receive messages from your divine feminine or masculine energies. 

Lais will help you heal any imbalances there and will explain the importance of having these energies balanced in order to manifest your desires.

Day 4

– Womb healing meditation with Tamar
This guided meditation will guide you to consciously clear, heal and re-balance your womb and learn to listen to what she has to tell you. Reconnecting with the Great Mother and the ancient wisdom and knowledge of self that is stored within your sacred womb. In doing so you will remove the negative imprints and attachments and begin to birth more love and beauty into your life and the Law of Attraction will happen easily as your life shifts in miraculous ways.

– Shakti yoga with Tamar
End this session in true connection with yourself, your heart and truest desires with this restorative yoga. This Shakti yoga has the ability to awaken your passion and creativity.

Day 5

– Cacao Ceremony for transformation and Releasing with Tamar
A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, and the cacao allows you the insight and awareness to move towards that goal.

– Putting the manifestation process in action with Lais
Lais will guide a powerful visualisation for you to access your higher self and to work on the goals/desire you had specified on day 1.

– closing fire ceremony with Tamar: Tamar will burn your intentions on bay leaves and release them into fire.




***Note: If you can’t be live with us, that’s ok, all the session will be recorded and can be watched later.

Price: 222$ or 197$ early bird

—> Early Bird Offer:



With the end of the summer and Autumn and winter coming up we are all going through purging and shedding what we no longer need. It’s the perfect time for healing and letting go to create space for the new things we wish to manifest to come to fruition.


Lais and Tamar’s manifesting course is amazing! Although I have lots of experience in this area, I very much benefitted from the course due to the very special combination of healing visualizations and shamanic practices. Highly recommend this course! 
Daniela, Switzerland, August 2017

The workshop is amazing, I’m so glad I joined. I felt a lot of releases and healing. I also realised I wasn’t leaning on my female energy, nor my male energy as a matter of fact. it made me realize I was still thinking I had to do it all myself and was behaving with those “not trusting patterns”. I could let it go. I feel more “incarnated”, in charge of my life, but also that I can relax and trust that I’m entitled and worth receiving, that I didn’t need to be self-sufficient. Today I will start exploring that I can go at a more relaxed pace, that time does not need to rush, that I can let things come to me quietly.
So thank you very much! It’s great. And manifesting has started also. Our co-shareholder/investor is going to try and bring another investor to finance some of our projects. That would make things so easy. So I let things come. very excited to see how all this unfolds.

Nathalie, Switzerland, August 2017

Something unreal pushed me to do the program of manifestation with Lais and Tamar. And I now know why.  Indeed, my biggest manifestation wish was to be pregnant. And I was before the program even started! 
Between the writing a  letter exercise that Tamar gave me on my one-to-one session and the prompts of the different days, I know I have all the tools I need to easily work on my manifestation capacities. 
Knowing that the circle of women were there to bring positive energy felt so good. 
Definitely a programme to do!

B.  France, August 2017

Tamar Groll


Tamar Gail is a shaman priestess, facilitating transformation and healing the Sacred Feminine.  Working with women internationally through retreats, workshops, women’s circles, moon & feminine mysteries trainings.  Tamar also runs online programs such as “Awaken Your Inner Goddess” monthly interactive to connect with the Mother Consciousness and awaken Shakti, “Moon Goddess Healing Sessions”, “Sensual Goddess Awakening”, and “Waking The Wild Woman Archetype Mentorship”.  An international best selling author of the book ‘Dream Boldly’, written with other transformational authors and speakers, Tamar guides women in reawakening their inner goddess and in healing and transforming their lives through shamanic practices, the blood mysteries, tantra and ancient techniques of the Vedas. 

But what does all of this mean?  I have combined all of my years of studies in order to guide women to heal deep wounds, traumas, birth stories and their mother lines (known as the red line or red thread).  Healing the sacred wound, personal wounds and collective wounds that we all hold.  I guide women to heal judgements of self and those imposed on them by others, to step into their truth, the truth of who they are at their core, their authentic self.  To not only love the gift of being woman but to learn to trust ourselves, to reclaim our loving power and to honour our bodies.  Women come to me to heal the blocks they have with connecting with their bodies, the shame that they feel in their menstruation, the shame of being a women.  They come to heal blocks they have in connecting to the sacredness of their sexuality, to the connection with their sensuality and embodying their inner goddess.  I lead my clients in awakening Shakti, their creativity, passion… the fire that enlivens them in order for them to step up, step out into the world healed, whole and radiating brilliantly. 

You can find me here at:
www.TamarGail.com (Currently being updated)

Lais Stephan

Lais is the founder of behappy-now.com and the creator of Explore Your Past Lives: an online 4-week past lives regression & healing program. As half Brazilian, she comes from a long line of healers, psychics, and creatives. She works as a Psychic Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist & Space Clearing Expert in Geneva and via Skype, and gives workshops internationally.

She feels highly allergic to abundance blocks and therefore specializes in finding blockages that prevent you from finding love, having deeper relationships, a successful business with financial freedom, and anything else that is blocking you from achieving what you want. She just launched her signature program Abundant Chicks.

Ps, this very picture is proof of one of her manifestations: She had journaled about meeting a soul mate and traveling with him to Mauritius. The soul mate arrived 2 days later and this journey a few months after! 


Connect with me here:
Facebook: Abundant Chicks by Lais Stephan

Facebook Group: Explore Your Past Lives

Instagram: Abundant_chicks


Daniela has been passionate about manifesting, ever since she learned about a special technique that helps people achieve their goals and dreams more than 23 years ago. She used this technique to manifest an amazing apartment, a partner, and a job and started coaching others to do the same. Since then she has helped many people manifest anything from jobs, partners, apartments, nannies etc. For her, there is nothing better than to demonstrate time and again that our opportunities are limitless if we only believe in it and open ourselves up to abundance.

Daniela is so passionate about manifesting that she decided to pursue a Ph.D. in the area, conducting research on the effect of goal-setting and goal visualizations. Daniela also became a coach to refine the way she works with people to identify what people really want.

During the Manifesting Maven’s Course, she will conduct a special 30-minute free goal scenario session for the early bird specials, where you will clarify the goal you want to manifest and she will instruct in using the special goal manifestation technique.