About the Program

 This 4-week online program will help you understand your chakras on a much deeper level. We will dive much deeper than the general “what are chakras”?

Maybe you already work with chakras, but would like to be able to deepen your knowledge and trust your intuitive understanding more. Or maybe you never worked with chakras before, but are excited to start learning more.

This program meets you where you are and helps you to get to the next level.

Each chakra is an amazing store-house of information on our well-being or lack thereof. We can retrieve information as to what blocked the optimal flow of energy in a chakra, when it happened and why. By understanding what caused energy disruptions, we can learn and grow from it and avoid repeating same negative patterns.



What will we cover?

Intuitive Readings

Learn how to visualise what’s going on in each chakra, what blockages show up, since when and why they are there.

You will meet and communicate with a spirit guide or angel who will be responsible to give you more information. 

Learn a quick tool to access your subconscious mind where your “inner knowing” is stored – the part of you which knows exactly what’s happening with your chakras.


Tarot Card Spreads

Learn how to make use of tarot cards to retrieve an additional wealth of information about each chakra.

There will be a Tarot spread for each chakra provided each week so you can practice on yourselves or others. This is not mandatory though, more like an extra “homework”. However, students who want to practice this, can post their tarot spreads in the private FB group for everyone to add what they intuitively pick up.


Psychic Development

Lais has been helping women to develop their psychic awareness since 2011 and reading chakras is an essential skill to have to empower oneself on a regular basis. Being able to read chakras, and knowing which chakras need to be balanced, helps you to lead a more balanced and fulfilled life on all levels. She will be making sure you reach the level you need to be at during this course, and will challenge you to trust your intuition more, and to retrieve as much information as possible.

Program Outline

Dates & Times

Monday, November 4th @ 7-9pm CET, 6-8pm London, 1-3pm NY

Monday,November 11th @ 7-9pm CET, 6-8pm London, 1-3pm NY

Monday, November 18th @ 7-9pm CET, 6-8pm London, 1-3pm NY

Monday, November 25th @ 7-9pm CET, 6-8pm London, 1-3pm NY



Meetings will be held via video on ZOOM and replays are available after each session. You won’t need to be LIVE for the first three sessions, but for the 4th one on Nov. 25th I recommend you are, as then we practice with a partner.

In addition, there will be a Facebook group where you can ask questions or share experiences.


Why having balanced chakras is important


Chakras are there to help you feel energised. By balancing them, one automatically has more energy. 



Emotional & Mental Strength

By working with chakras, we learn all about setting stronger boundaries, empowering ourselves, rising above problems, speaking our truth, feeling secure and safe with what we have and so much more. 

Stress Relief

Not to mention that by working with our chakras, we become more mindful, if practiced regularly, which in turn improves our ways of handling stress.

Mind & Soul

Working with our chakras and releasing old traumas or other energetic imbalances nourishes our soul on a deep level too, and we start feeling more lighter and inspired.

A positive outlook

Having our chakras balanced, gives us more energy to be creative, be more optimistic and to overcome our anxiety or mood swings.




We radiate inside out

Having our chakras balanced makes us glow: our aura becomes stronger, and we become more magnetic towards other people.

Here is what you will need:


A journal or some paper ready to jot down everything you see/learn in your guided visualisations

A tarot deck: To read chakras best, I recommend the classical Rider Waite tarot cards, but any other deck will do too. However, if you don’t like working with cards in general, these exercises are only complimentary to the course, not mandatory. You will already retrieve a lot of information with the other tools we will be using.

About Lais

Lais Stephan

Lais Stephan

Psychic Healer & Women's Empowerment Coach

After quitting her corporate job, Lais spent a year studying energy healing and psychic development in Thailand, and throughout the years developed her own method for teaching women how to have access to their psychic abilities.

Everyone has the ability to retrieve psychic information, it’s like a muscle we need to work on and keep working on, just like going to the gym. The more we practice our intuitive gifts, the more we trust the information which comes through.