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To all women who dream about being yoga instructors, coaches, healers, shamans, creatives, writers, bloggers, freelancers, consultants, having a shop on Etsy, becoming a solopreneur, a soulpreneur, a mumpreneur, or whatever else keeps you dreaming:

The time to embody that which you came here to be IS NOW.

I have worked with so many women who have had the trainings, the certifications and theoretically are ready. Yet, most of these women think they don’t feel ready. And therefore are stuck in jobs that they hate.

“What do I have to teach?” they wonder and feel like a fraud by just thinking that they can lead a group of people in a yoga session, or to actually coach people.

They block themselves and think that if they spend more time reading books, blogs, practicing for free on friends will help them gain confidence and the strength to start actually working in the field they trained themselves in.

Many women also block themselves as they don’t trust they can earn a living with it, or not enough to pay all the bills, or their kid’s education. Yet I have so many examples of women who just went for it, and never looked back, and made enough and even more than expected. Anything is possible if we set our minds to it!

I was in that situation too when I swapped my career for my healing business. I had zero clients, no idea how to build a website, nor did I have any savings left to hire anyone to do my website. I also felt so small and not ready to start my own business.

But I did it anyway. I did my own website, created my whole business from scratch. Did I ever feel ready? Nope!

If you know you have a passion for something, and you feel deep down you would be amazing doing this very thing, then go and do it, dear ones. Life is too short to procrastinate or to succumb to our limiting beliefs and fears.

Having said that, when we have too many energetic blockages, too many of these limiting beliefs to the point where we feel blocked to even start, then there is work to do. 🙂

Oftentimes, there are also past life issues and karma in the way of starting our business, or running it successfully. Then these need to be looked at, understood and cleared.

If you feel you need some help because you feel stuck, lost or overwhelmed, schedule a 20 minute free call with me and I can zone into your energy to see where there blockages are.

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Written by Lais Stephan

Lais is a healer, divine channeler & intuitive business coach for female soulpreneurs, creatives, and heart-centered leaders who need help with creating the impact they are here to be making. 

She is the Author of “Universe & You: 11 Steps To Co-Create The Life You Desire” and a poetry collection “Wild Women Rising”.

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