What is healing by Lais Stephan   The most beautiful way I can describe what a healing journey looks like to me, is to look at the circles inside a tree trunk. When we start, we start with the outer layer, the youngest layer. We tend to concentrate on what happened to us just now, in the last few weeks, months or last few years. However, we soon realise we might need to dig deeper. We might have to travel back to our youth, maybe even to our childhood to clear old emotional wounds and trauma. Sometimes we need to go even deeper than that, into our mother’s womb, or before our conception. Oftentimes, even that won’t be enough. If we only stay only in our individual stories, our own traumas, then we won’t journey further into our core (the core of the tree trunk). If we only focus on ourselves, our identity, character in this lifetime and the body we chose, we won’t travel very far, we will heal only the outer layers of what’s there to heal. The further we start traveling though, outside of our own stories, that’s when the alchemy of healing truly starts going deeper. We start traveling into past lives, and acknowledge that most of our suffering in this life started in another life based on cause and effect: the decisions we took, the thoughts we entertained, the behaviours we displayed, the people we harmed. As we journey this deep into the dark sides of our souls, and we ALL have these dark sides, we realise, that we have a big part to play in what’s happening to us in this life. But we are not done yet – we need to travel further than that, to the root traumas of our ancestors. We now start traveling away from just “our” stories and into our ancestor’s stories, because we realise, we carry them for them and keep repeating patterns. We heal their traumas and release it from our own DNA. And then we are ready to travel even further, and to tackle the healing of the collective field. Every pain, every trauma, has their own collective field of women and men who felt the same. All these felt negative emotions are like magnets and attracted to each other and build a field of the same pain. We learn how to tap into that collective field to help everyone else to release their pain and their trauma. We are then ready to travel even further, to our universal collective memories. Memories from other dimensions, other places than Earth, and to release any traumas from that collective. Now we got to our inner most ring: our seat of pure love and light. We might have travelled for many years, some might have been traveling for many lifetimes to get to this core: where we meet our purest self: our soul when it was born, the innocent part of us that only knows love and that knows that love is all there is. Book a FREE Discovery Call with me to see what a healing journey could look like for you. 🙂  
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