I had been asked to energetically space clear an apartment in Brazil for my clientโ€™s parents. When I connected to their space in my mindโ€™s eye, the first thing I saw was a male, middle aged spirit running up and down the corridor, screaming. He seemed completely crazy, and I could barely calm him down. It took me a while to tell him I would send him to the light, so he could rest in peace finally.
I then cleared the energy of every single room. In one of the rooms I found a lot of โ€œheartacheโ€, a trapped emotion that had embedded itself into the walls of the room, bringing down the positive energy it once must have had. I received the message that this heartache belonged to my clientโ€™s mother and that it had come in 2016.
I created a link to Source in their bedroom so both would have access to healing energy every time they slept.
When I cleared my clientโ€™s old room, I received the message that her father should declutter that room and build his home office in there.
Other than that, I brought the energy level up to a positive 100% again and once I was certain that I had done an excellent job, I called my client.
When I told her about the crazy spirit man, she couldnโ€™t believe it. She said:
โ€œThere were 2 middle aged men living in that building, brothers. Both of them absolutely crazy. One of them died a few years ago. The other one died last year and wasnโ€™t found until weeks later. He always screamed a lot at everyone, including the concierge downstairs. My parents were traumatised when he died and wasnโ€™t found, as they always fear that something happens to me and that no one is there to take care of me.โ€
That made sense to me then why the spirit had chosen to be in her parentโ€™s apartment. Spirits can hear when one talks about them. One thought is enough and they can be right in your home. Because her parents had excessively thought about this crazy man, he went to stay with them, probably trying to get their attention.
When I talked about the heartache I found from her mother, she said:
โ€œMakes sense. In that year she gave up her work and all social contacts from her work, as she became a grandmother and had decided to take care of her grandchild instead. But she missed her social contacts terribly.โ€
When my client told her mother about the heartache, she felt it again when she remembered that year. It was a way for her to release the last remnants from her system, to let it go and to open her heart for more love and joy again.
My client also confirmed that her father had planned to make his office space in her room and that she was flying there to help declutter her old room.