Reiki Healing Packages customised to your needs.

Lais is an ASCA accredited Reiki Therapist and Reiki Teacher based in Switzerland, Geneva, offering her healing packages for women who are feeling low on energy, stuck, or who are interested reaching the next level in their lives, whatever that next level might be.

Lais is specialised in finding energy blockages that block you from living the life you desire and deserve to live.

If you live in Switzerland, or Geneva and have complimentary health insurance, Reiki might be reimbursed if they work with ASCA accredited Reiki therapists. Just ask your complimentary health insurance.

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Not sure whether this healing package is for you? Schedule a FREE video or audio chat with Lais. She will intuitively zone into your energy to see if you have any energy blockages that need releasing, or if this healing program is the right choice for you.
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Plans and Pricing


  • A FREE consultation to see what it is you would like to achieve, and to create your healing outline for the sessions.
  • 4 powerful healing sessions that can be done weekly or bi-weekly.
  • All sessions are recorded, so you can watch the videos on replay when needed.
  • Homework between sessions if needed which can be free guided meditation audios I would send you, or written exercises or anything else we deem necessary to accelerate the healing procress.
  • *** If you live in Switzerland, please check with your health insurance if they cover Reiki. You might get reimbursed.
  • *** Payment in 2-3 monthly instalments possible – just ask me for details.
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  • nSame as Basic package
  • PLUS an energetic Space Clearing of your home or office (via distance) worth 249$ for only 99$ if bought in this package.
  • This includes:
  • checking every room for negative energy
  • checking for vortexes and leylines
  • checking for the energy of the land the building/house was built on
  • checking on whether there are any Earthbound spirits
  • checking for trapped/negative emotions left by previous tenants (especially important after chronic or mental illness, divorces, and other traumatic life events
  • checking for any objects that might have negative energy (2nd hand, antique furniture, jewelry etc)
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  • Same as Basic and Gold
  • PLUS another session of 2 1/2h of a past life regression, where you get to dive deep into seeing your past lives, sort out your karma and receive deep healing on a soul level. (This alone is worth 249$)
  • This also includes a 70+ numerology report for the entire year.
  • Click here for more info about Past Life Regression.
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What My Awesome Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking! 🙂

It was a great pleasure working with Lais. We did Reiki and past life regression and healed my past, and I can tell you that it was a fantastic experience. So eye opening and informative. We can learn a lot about ourselves and improve our lives if we only let Lais ‘look’ inside of us. She is truly talented and so insightful. Blessings Hanna Hanula, Poland, 2017

I did a past life regression with Lais and it has been a truly amazing experience! I could not believe how much information from past lives my subconscious mind stored and what a huge relief it would be to get it all out. Most importantly, learning about my past lives allowed to me better understand the people I met and the choices I have made in my current life. I highly recommend it to everyone! I also did Reiki with Lais, which helped relax my body and calm down my crazy hormones. Reiki is certainly worth trying 🙂 Magdalena B. Poland, 2017

Where to start?…Working with Lais has been such an amazing blessing on my path….if i remember well, the first time we met, we experienced such a mutual sense of human connection…and in less than 5 minutes, all social barriers were gone to start a soul to soul dialogue…This is what Lais brings to this world, the Power of Connection. Helping you connect with your inner world, your soul, your wisdom, your healing powers, so that you can start feeling Light, Happy and deeply grateful for the Life we feel and have…
Meeting Lais is never a coincidence…She is like a magical butterfly and fairy who brings Joy and Happiness. Enjoy the ride….

Maeva F., France

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure what package to book.

No worries. I offer a FREE chat with me via video or audio, and I will listen to what it is you would like to achieve. On top, I’ll use my psychic gifts to see how deep your blockages are. Sometimes just a few sessions are enough to get to where we need to be.

Othertimes, a bigger healing and a transformation is needed. We will discuss this all together and I’ll make my recommendations to you as to what package is most beneficial to you.

However, you decide what you feel is best for you at the moment.

Some of my clients sometimes book the Basic package, and then love it so much that they upgrade to my Gold/ Platinum or VIP package afterwards.

You can schedule a call with me here.


I can't pay the full amount
No problem at all. I offer 2-3 monthly payment plans via your credit card. Every month it will automatically be deducted from your credit card. Just ask me for more details.
Are there any side effects when I do healing?

Depending on the sessions we do and how deep we go, sessions can get very emotional. You might release a lot of emotional baggage, and your body might detox. Some clients reported headaches, dizziness, nausea. But these effects usually only last a few hours/1-2 days until the blockage has been completely removed and healed.

Any form of detox, be it crying, or physical symptoms is just a sign that your body and your soul are doing deep work and are working on hard on releasing energetic blockages. 🙂

How does a healing session work in detail?

We meet online via my video software ZOOM. I explain what we do during the session, and typically you would lie down or sit, while I start zoning into your energy field, your chakras, aura etc.

I will work on retrieving information about energetic blockages, their root causes, when they appeared, and then work with powerful Source energy to remove these. Every session something new comes up – the whole healing process is like an onion – the more sessions we have, the deeper we can go. I can find blockages coming from your childhood, womb memories, nagtibe birth memories, ancestral baggage, limiting beliefs and fears, past life traumas and karma, karmic relationships, negative energetic cords/ties between you and people, blocked heart chakra, blocked chakras, trapped emotions (yours and other people’s), being connected to negative parts of the collective unconscious field, reliving your parent’s stories (issues) and much more.

Depending on how sensitive you are to energy work, you might feel a tingling, or certain parts of your body warming up, or as if someone is with you in your room (my spirit guides/your spirit guides), you might feel emotional, or deep and profound feelings of love and bliss. It’s a very individual journey for everyone, and everyone reports slightly different sensations and feelings.


Can I upgrade after signing up?
Absolutely. if you book yourself into the Basic Package, and you enjoy working with me, feel free to enquite about upgrading.
Do you have any requirements in terms of what kind of clients you work with?

I wouldn’t call it a “requirement”. However, I only work with women with whom I have talked via the free chat before, and where I could determine that 1) the client would benefit from working with me and 2) that i would love working with the client. It’s a two way process for me. 🙂

If I find that either I’m the wrong person for you, or that you could benefit from working with someone else, I would happily give recommendations.

Do you offer any one off sessions?

Not for this kind of energy work. I, myself, when I started with my own healing journey invested a lot of time (and money) in my own well-being and I saw first-hand how beneficial that was. We can never achieve a deeper healing, a great result with just a one-off session.

I only offer one off sessions to my students, who learned how to heal themselves via my “Heal Your Past” Courses, as a “quick boost” kind of session.

However, if you are interested in a PAST LIFE REGRESSION, this is a 2 1/2 h session I do offer as a one off session. Same for the Space Clearing of your home and/or office.


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