I love it when I’m working with a client, and she has the exact same visions as I had during the healing.

Today I was working with a lovely Spanish woman online, who had a past life where she had been tortured. When I told her my visions, she confirmed she had also seen scenes of being tortured.

I had seen that in that past life she had malformations in her spine, including scoliosis. She confirmed that in this life she had been suffering from back aches since her childhood. Sometimes we hold on to chronic pain coming from traumatic past lives.

Then I received information that she was holding on to a few blockages from the time of being in her mother’s womb, due to her mum’s stress and frustrations. She confirmed that she had had visions of being in her mum’s womb during the session.

Our bodies are amazing. They hold on to memories and blockages, and we can all access this information, to know what we can work on and release and heal.