Lais' Angel & Spirit Guide Academy

A transformative 5-Day Online Program.
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Connect to your Angels & Spirit Guides

Lais will teach you her own developed method of connecting to the Divine (angels, spirit guides etc) which she has been teaching to hundreds of women around the world. It’s easy to learn and incredibly powerful. You will meet: Your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides for your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies, a spirit animal, an elemental, & Spirit Guide for spiritual development.

Receive important messages

Every day, there will be guided visualisations and ample time for you to ask your much needed questions.

There will also be time for Q&A’s before and after the meditations.


Learn about Angel numbers, Tarot spreads and more

Lais will also teach you some amazing Tarot spreads for specific topics so you can have an initial access to your angels and spirit guides. 

She will share more info on angel numbers and how to open yourselves up to receive them.

About this Online program

This program will take place within a private FB group. Every session lasts for 90 minutes approximately and is conducted via FB LIVE video. Therefore, replays of the video will be available right after the session ended, so you don’t need to participate live, but can go along at your own pace. However, pls note that after the 5 Days are over, Lais won’t be able to provide guidance inside of the group anymore.

When: September 16th – 19th

Time: 7pm Cest, 6pm London, 1pm NY

Where: You will be emailed the FB group link after signing up and one day before the program starts. So make sure you receive my email (as it might land in SPAM).

Payment: You can pay in one go 212$ or in 2 monthly instalments for 115$ pm. You can book below.

What you need to buy/ have: A Tarot deck*: (can be any deck you feel drawn to.) Here is a few I work with and recommend: Osho Zen Tarot, Gabrielle Bernstein’s the Universe Has Your Back, the classical Rider Waite Tarot (amazing for symbology and more advanced messages), any decks from Doreen Virtue)

About Lais

Lais has been communicating with the Divine since her spiritual awakening in 2011, which led to a big transformation: she quit the corporate world and became self-employed.

Since then she had many encounters with spirit guides, angels and elementals, as well as spirit animals. As a bridge between the physical world and the higher dimensions, Lais has been passing on messages to her clients since then, and one of her biggest passions is to teach women how to meet and communicate with their own guides and angels.

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