I’m always blown away by all the info we can retrieve from our soul’s memory when we embark on a past life regression. I have been working with an amazing woman who came to me completely burned out. She loves writing, but had been feeling blocked, unable to write anything. On top, the relationship she has with her mother felt very heavy to me.
She went into a past life in France, in the 18th century, where she had been a rich girl. She felt unloved by her mother and also had a very abusive relationship with her step dad. She felt unloved, mistreated, misunderstood and decided to end her life at age 16. When her soul exited the body I asked her higher self why she had chosen that life, and that difficult loveless relationship with her mother. “Because I needed to learn how to let go of a loveless relationship.” Her soul then chose yet another life (this life) for her with the same lesson again. She incarnated with a mother who couldn’t love her. Suicide might seem like an “easy” way out of our problems, but trust me: it isn’t. We will come back with the same lessons and have to do it all over again. So better get through it the first time around! I asked her: “Why did you come back again with the same lesson?” “Because I needed to learn about loveless relationships without ending my life.” From experience I also know that when we have heavy and difficult relationships, and find ourselves in toxic situations again and again, more often than not we have been the abusers in a previous lifetime. And that was exactly the case for her as well. I wanted to bring her to the root of this karmic relationship, and so she went into a past life where she saw herself as a father to a girl. The girl in that past life was her mother in this life. She saw how she hadn’t been a good parent, and had been abusive. At that moment her guides told me: “She is ready to cut this karmic contract with the mother now.” I asked my client and she said yes, she was ready. Her body heated up enormously. And BOOM her computer broke down and she was gone.  She came back a few minutes later laughing. “This cutting of karmic contracts made my computer go off.” That’s very common when working with high level energy. I checked into her energy, the karmic contract had been dissolved, she had a glow in her eyes and sparkles that I hadn’t seen in the last 4 weeks of working with her. Her entire energy had shifted. She won’t need to come back to Earth to learn the lesson of a loveless relationship between parent/child. Interested in attending my 4 week online (AMAZING) past life regression group program? We start May 28th. Click on button below for more info. MORE INFO HERE