A diplomat from Mongolia brought her father for a healing session. All I knew was that the father had high blood pressure and needed some relaxation. I checked his energy field and didn’t find any causes for his recent rise in blood pressure. I then intuitively received the message that there was a vortex in his living room (a massive accumulation of energy because of two energy ley lines that cross) since 5 months. I found it odd, as vortexes don’t just appear out of a sudden. However, I felt that this was the cause for his blood pressure problems. After the treatment they confirmed that 5 months ago they had moved into a new apartment – thus the new situation. I then recommended a professional space clearing, done via distance. As a psychic healer and professional space clearing expert I can zone into any location around the world and clear negative energy away. However, not all vortexes can be closed or moved. Some need to stay where they are. In this particular case, however, I was sure that the vortex needed to be moved out of the house and into the garden, which I did. I also retrieved intuitive information that there was a problem with moisture and mould in the bedroom. After the Clearing they confirmed that they had mould problems and needed to replace some walls. Furthermore, after I cleared the vortex out of the living room, the man’s blood pressure normalised again and was back to his healthy self. 🙂