My favourite part of my space clearings are when I invoke & connect to the new protector of the space.

Just now I had an incredible session with a woman living in Switzerland (via distance) who wanted her home & home office cleared.

Once I had cleared everything, I connected to the new protector. He presented himself right away, and what an entrance! He showed me an image of Aladdin and his wonder lamp, all Middle eastern imagery, implying that he will help my client not only with the protection and high energy maintenance of her space, but also with her manifesting quests.

He had this fabulous, wise energy and in my mind I was thinking “oh no, not sure how I am going to explain all of this to my client, she might think I am nuts to come and talk of middle eastern Aladdin/Jeannie energies. 
…But I did…and turns out:

She had put middle Eastern symbols into her walls, some of which address manifesting too, and she knew exactly who the guy was I was talking about. She had visited his shrine a few months ago and was super delighted to hear that he was indeed her protector now.

She sent me an image on google and I confirmed that this is who I had seen.

Happy protector guide, happy client and happy me! 

I have so many cute case studies of protector guides coming in. Interested to know who steps forward for you?